Market Survey Backsheets For Solar Modules 2017

In-Depth Overview Of PV Backsheet Market, Leading Suppliers And Detailed Product Specs

Market Survey Backsheets For Solar Modules 2017

Backsheets are key process consumables in module manufacturing that influence both cost and quality of a solar panel. In regard to long-term protection of the panel, backsheets have two main functions – electrical insulation and to block moisture ingression. In the end, backsheets are a crucial part of the outer shell to protect the module components from environmental degradation.

For our 2017 market survey on backsheets, 8 companies – among them the market leaders – have answered our questionnaires:

  • Aluminium Féron GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  • Coveme Spa, Italy
  • Cybrid Technologies Inc, China
  • Filmcutter S.P.A., Italy
  • Hangzhou First PV Material CO., LTD, China
  • Krempel GmbH, Germany
  • Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co.,Ltd, China
  • Royal DSM Group, The Netherlands (after acquisition of Suzhou Sunshine New Materials Technology, China)

These companies from China and Europe provided the data for a total of 43 products. We have categorized these products into two segments. One is fluoropolymer based backsheets, which contain at least one fluoropolymer film to protect the PET or other core layer, the other category are non-fluoropolymer based backsheets that are free from halogen components.

The first TaiyangNews market survey on backsheets starts with an overview on backsheet technologies, its leading suppliers, their size and markets shares.

While we present the different components of backsheets and their applications and reliability, the main part of this market survey on backsheets is the description of the various backsheet products and a table with the technical specs of products offered by leading suppliers.

We have also conducted interviews with executives of global leaders in the backsheet manufacturing segment about technology trends – Cybrid CEO Mark Wu and Alessandro Anderlini from Coveme.

The TaiyangNews Market Survey on Backsheets for Solar Modules 2017 can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the below button.



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