Market Survey Metallization Pastes 2019/20

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Market Survey Metallization Pastes 2019/20

Metallization pastes are the most important process consumables of cell lines; they not only strongly affect cell costs, but also performance. Metallization pastes have been, and will continue to be, the chief contributor towards improving efficiency of solar cells. Every high efficiency cell architecture requires a specific paste system. Silver being an important constituent, these paste systems also influence the manufacturing costs of cell lines.

The third edition of our market survey on metallization pastes features a total of 111 products promoted by 9 paste manufacturers from Asia (6), Europe (2) and the US (1), which include the global market leaders. As in the past, these products are segregated into seven different categories according to their applications:

  • Front-contact silver pastes (p-type)
  • Pastes used in double and dual printing
  • Aluminum paste used for the formation of the Back Surface Field (Al-BSF)
  • Rear tabbing silver pastes
  • Complete paste systems for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) architecture
  • Pastes for n-type cells
  • Low temperature curable pastes, typically used for heterojunction cells and some thin-film PV technologies

The survey provides, after a short intro (1), an overview on paste composition, different applications, paste suppliers (2) and a paste market update (3). A chapter on key developments in pastes (4), a brief description of advanced cell concepts and printing tools (5) is followed by an extensive part on product descriptions (6), the conclusions (7), an interview with RENA (8) and the product specifications tables (9).

The TaiyangNews Market Survey on Metallization Pastes 2019/20 is for download free of charge by clicking on the button below .


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