Market Survey on Solar Backsheets and Encapsulation 2019

First Combined TaiyangNews Market Survey on Backsheets and Encapsulation Materials for Solar Modules Shows Newcomers & New Products To Cut Cost And Fight Alternative Technologies

Market Survey on Solar Backsheets and Encapsulation 2019

After TaiyangNews published market surveys on backsheets in 2017 and in 2018, this 2019 edition includes also an overview on encapsulation products. This way, this survey combines the latest on polymers to protect the interconnected cell circuitry of a solar module.

For this first market survey on backsheets and encapsulation materials, we received responses from 14 companies that provided data for 96 products, of which 80 are backsheet models and 16 are for encapsulation. Thus, the backsheet part has grown strongly compared to the 61 products of last year’s survey with two companies providing their data for the first time – China’s Lucky Group and Germany’s Bischof + Klein.


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Market Survey on Solar Backsheets & Encapsulation 2019 in detail:

After an introduction (1) and an overview with basics, types, suppliers of backsheets and encapsulation materials (2), we provide at backsheet & encapsulation market update (3) and look in detail on the different backsheet components (from core layer to inner and outer layers, coextrursion and testing) (4). We also provide background on EVA and Polyolefins in the Trends in Encapsulation Chapter (5). The market survey includes product descriptions for the different backsheet models (6) and encapsulation film (7) listed. A conclusions chapter analyses the survey content (8), followed by a table with detailed product specifications (9). In an interview Borealis provides background on its strategy for the backsheet and encapsulation business(10)

The TaiyangNews Market Survey on Solar Backsheets & Encapsulation 2019 is for download free of chargehere.


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