• For its Marula Platinum Mine, Implats Group has issued an RFI for 10 MW solar power plant
  • Selected company will need to build, finance, construct and commission the project while advising the mine management on securing necessary permits
  • Eskom’s reduction in power supply to the mine is one reason the company is looking to switch over to solar power to generate its own electricity

Platinum mining company Implats Group of South Africa has launched a solar tender seeking 10 MW solar PV capacity to power its Marula Platinum Mine and issued a request for information (RFI) round for the same from interested companies.

As per the RFI, the miner is looking for an experienced company to design, finance, supply, construct and commission the 10 MW solar PV project at Marula Platinum mine located in the province of Limpopo in South Africa. The task also comprises operation and maintenance of the project.

The winning bidder will need to provide assessment and advice to the mine’s management regarding the development of the solar project with requisite environmental and technical permits.

Last date to send in responses to the RFI is October 20, 2020, according to the RFI document published by local news portal Engineering News.

The mine has been doing with less power supply at higher tariffs due to financial and infrastructural problems being faced by national utility Eskom leading to Marula’s output being impacted negatively.

“Given the recent enabling regulatory changes by the Department of Minerals Resource and Energy allowing mining companies to look at alternative self-generation options in order to maintain their production needs and expansions, Marula Platinum Mine has therefore taken a decision to look at options to have alternative power to augment their electricity needs,” the RFI reads.

Of late, South Africa’s petrochemicals firm Sasol, for example, has been soliciting proposals for solar PV capacity to power its operations in the country (see Sasol Issues RFP Round For 20 MW Solar Capacity).