100 MW Subsidy Free Solar Project In Germany

SWM, Swa & Hessing Foundation To Build Solar Farm On Germany’s Baltic Sea Island Rügen

100 MW Subsidy Free Solar Project In Germany

Pictured is Gut Güttin on Rügen island of Germany where Hessing Foundation is offering its land for SWM and swa to establish a 100 MW solar power plant. (Photo Credit: Reinald Roche/Stadtwerke München)

  • SWM along with swa has announced a 100 MW solar farm to be realized on land belonging to Hessing Foundation
  • Project is to be realized without subsidies in Gut Güttin in the municipality of Dreschvitz on Rügen island
  • Partners plan to break ground on site in 2024 and see commissioning sometime in Spring/Summer 2025

The Rügen island of Germany in the Baltic Sea is to get a 100 MW subsidy free solar power plant with Bavarian municipal utilities Stadtwerke München (SWM) and Stadtwerke Augsburg (swa) joining hands with orthopedic aids company Hessing Foundation to bring it online in 2025. 

The planned project will be set up on the grounds of Gut Güttin on some 100-hectare land in the municipality of Dreschvitz. The land is now owned by Hessing Foundation. SWM will hold 70% stake in the solar farm with swa holding the remaining 30% stake.

The idea is to establish the project using land with pool soil quality and use the opportunity to bring back local flora and fauna. The trio plan to start construction on the facility in 2024 and bring it online in Spring/Summer 2025 which is when it will generate electricity enough to suffice the needs of some 40,000 households.

On the one hand, the voluntary municipal tax flows into the municipal budget as financial support. As a result, the town and its citizens benefit from every kilowatt hour of green electricity produced,” reads an official statement from the project partners. “With the additional income, municipal tasks can be secured, such as the operation of the day care center and library, or new projects can be tackled, such as a new fire engine for the fire brigade.”

SWM Managing Director Helge-Uve Braun stressed that ground mounted PV systems are one of the most economical ways to generate electricity as it is cheaper than that produced via conventional or nuclear power plants. The company already operates more than 70 renewable energy projects in and around Munich but believes more needs to be done.

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