1st Bifacial Solar Power Plant Online In Macedonia

North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev shared the picture of the country’s ‘1st’ bifacial solar power plant he inaugurated in Negotin region, on his Twitter handle. (Photo Credit: Zoran Zaev/Twitter)
1st Bifacial Solar Power Plant Online In Macedonia
  • EVN Macedonia has commissioned a 1.5 MW solar power plant in the country calling it the 1st bifacial project to come online here
  • It uses 4,416 solar panels with an output of 335 W each enough to generate 2.1 GWh annually
  • The project is part of the country's green energy strategy to generate renewable power

The Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev inaugurated what EVN Macedonia calls as the 1st bifacial solar power plant in the country. The Vojshanci, Negotin region located project has 1.479 MW capacity.

Commissioned under the green energy strategy of the government, the project uses 4,416 solar panels each with a power output of 335 W. It is expected to generate 2.1 GWh of clean energy annually, said the power distribution company that mainly invests in hydropower.

EVN says the project was built in less than 4 months and was realized with the cooperation between the state and private sector.

In August 2020, ProCredit Bank said it will offer loans for solar PV systems provided by power distributor EVN in North Macedonia to local businesses (see North Macedonia Bank To Offer Solar PV Loans).

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