• Five companies have approached the Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy to set up solar power plants in the country
  • Representing an aggregate capacity of 257 MW, these projects are proposed to be developed near the cities of Benkovac, Trilj, Novalja and the municipality of Klis
  • Out of the seven projects proposed, application for three projects with 100 MW cumulative capacity has been submitted by ENCRO ZD2

The Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy has received proposals from various companies to install 7 solar power plants with a combined capacity of 257 MW near the cities of Benkovac, Trilj, Novalja and the municipality of Klis. Balkan Green Energy News reports applications were submitted in July and August 2019 for environmental impact assessment and approval. Details of the proposed projects are as follows:

  1. SE Kolarina has proposed 38 MW Kolarina Solar Power Plant on 62-hectare land with an expected production of 64.2 GWh annually
  2. Aureus Solis wants to develop 60 MW Benkovac Solar Power Plant on 100-hectare space
  3. SE Raštević has applied for 41 MW Raštević Solar PV Plant on 66-hectare space with expected annual production of 69.5 GWh
  4. 18 MW Novalja Solar Power Plant has been proposed by RP Global Projekti on the island of Pag, designed to produce 18.5 MWh of clean power annually
  5. ENCRO ZD2 is seeking clearance for three power plants—50 MW Pometeno Brdo, 20 MW Tijarica and 30 MW Tarabnik—all in Splitsko-Podravska County

The news outlet reports that the current installed solar power capacity of Croatia is 61 MW.

The new project proposals are separate from two PV projects with 95 MW capacity planned by local electricity utility Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP) (see Croatia’s HEP Mulls 95 MW Solar PV Capacity). HEP is majorly focusing on improving its solar power portfolio and in April 2019 announced it will invest HRK 750 million in solar projects till 2023 to realize a total PV project capacity of 350 MW.