50 MW Solar For UK Green Hydrogen Project

EDF Renewables UK & Hynamics To Use Solar & Wind Power For UK Electrolyzer Plant

50 MW Solar For UK Green Hydrogen Project

Tees Green Hydrogen Project in the UK’s Redcar will initially have up to 50 MW electrolyzer capacity which may be expanded to 500 MW with emerging demand, said EDF. (Source: EDF Energy)

  • EDF Renewables and Hynamics plan to develop a green hydrogen project in the UK with 30 MW to 50 MW of initial electrolyzer capacity
  • It will be powered by EDF’s already operational Tees Offshore Wind Farm at Redcar and a new 49.9 MW solar farm to be built by the company
  • The company will conduct a consultation for the solar farm which will be built near Redcar
  • Green hydrogen thus generated will be supplied to local companies, including British Steel Lackenby and PD Ports to decarbonize their operations

EDF Renewables UK and Hynamics, another EDF Group subsidiary in the space of green hydrogen, have announced plans to construct a new 49.9 MW solar farm energy generated from which, together with an operational wind farm, will power an electrolyzer plant in the UK that can be expanded to over 500 MW capacity.

The solar power plant will be built near Redcar, a seaside town in North Yorkshire, after a consultation process. Initial capacity of the electrolyzer is planned to be around 30 MW to 50 MW and will be expanded basis emerging demand.

The Tees Green Hydrogen project will use green electricity generated by the solar and EDF’s Teesside Offshore Wind Farm to produce green hydrogen which will be supplied to local business customers to support their decarbonization efforts.

The project will also support local companies in their decarbonization efforts. For instance, under its carbon neutrality aim across Tees Valley operations by 2027, PD Ports will source green hydrogen from the EDF project to decarbonize its port operations and further explore maritime decarbonization more widely.

Local steel producer British Steel Lackenby will also buy green hydrogen for its operations in the Tees Valley under its Low-Carbon Roadmap to deliver net zero steel by 2050.

“Tees Green Hydrogen is a ground-breaking project, which will utilize locally produced green electricity to create the means to decarbonize local industry and safeguard its operation for many years to come, well beyond Net Zero 2050,” said EDF Renewables UK Director of Strategy and Analysis, Tristan Zipfel.

As UK targets 5 GW of low-carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030, this is one of several green hydrogen projects planned to be announced in the near future in the UK. In January 2022, India’s Hero Future Energies and US based Ohmium announced plans to jointly develop 1 GW green hydrogen production facilities in the UK, Europe and India (see 1 GW Green Hydrogen Partnership).

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