5B For ‘Largest’ Off-Grid RE Hybrid Power Station In Australia

5B Wins Zenith Energy Bid To Rapidly Install Solar Panels For 95 MW Hybrid Power Station To Power Lithium Battery Project

5B For ‘Largest’ Off-Grid RE Hybrid Power Station In Australia

5B will supply its prefabricated, modular, rapidly deployable Maverick solar arrays for Kathleen Valley Lithium Project of Zenith Energy. (Photo Credit: 5B)

  • 5B has landed a contract with Zenith Energy for the latter’s Kathleen Valley Lithium Project
  • It will install 342 Maverick solar arrays on site from June 2023 to make up for the 16 MW solar part of the off-grid hybrid renewable power station
  • Pre-fabrication solar panel technology of 5B is expected to bring down solar installation timeline on site by 3 month, the company shared

Zenith Energy has picked bp backed solar technology company 5B to supply its Maverick array systems for what it touts to become the largest off-grid renewable energy hybrid power station in Australia that will supply power to a lithium battery metals project.

5B won a competitive selection round to secure the award for 16 MW solar system that will come alongside 30 MW wind, 17 MW/19MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) to provide 100% renewable energy to the mine.

The Kathleen Valley Lithium Project of Liontown Resources Limited will also have 27 MW gas and 5 MW diesel generation but these will operate in engine off mode at various times while 60% of its electricity will be provided by wind, solar and storage system (see Australia’s ‘Largest’ Off-Grid Renewable Energy Hybrid Plant).

5B said the 16 MW solar part of the plant will see its 342 prefabricated, modular, rapidly deployable Maverick solar arrays being installed on site in Western Australia from June 2023 with the Kathleen Valley Lithium Project planned to come online in H1/2024.

“5B has demonstrated that it has the potential to get the Kathleen Valley site to full solar PV generation capacity three months ahead of conventional single access tracker solutions with the potential to save more than 60% of the man hours required on site,” said Zenith Energy’s Managing Director and CEO Hamish Moffat. “This is creating a faster pathway to market for solar PV renewable energy generation assets.”

Solar and storage with their on-site operational capability, are turning out to be the preferred energy source for mines in several countries as these are mostly located in off-grid regions and are very expensive to connect to the local grid.

At the same time, diesel generation that makes up for the lack of electricity is not only costly but also leads to carbon emissions that corporates want to avoid having on their portfolio in times when the world is aiming to reduce these.

In Australia too metal miners are increasingly opting for solar, in conjunction with thermal power, as Oz Minerals plans to build one of the world’s ‘largest’ fully off-grid, hybrid renewable powered mines including 60 MW solar and battery to produce copper and nickel. Bellevue Gold Limited too has announced plans to build an off-grid hybrid power station with wind, solar and storage for its gold mine in Western Australia (see Renewable Energy For Australian Gold Miner).

The Australian solar company 5B shot into prominence after it was selected by Sun Cable for its massive 20 GW solar and storage project in Northern Territory with plans to locate a solar array manufacturing fab on site. However, Sun Cable recently announced entering voluntary administration and is now officially up for sale to interested investors (see Bids Invited For Australian Solar & Storage Company Sun Cable).

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