63 MW Total Rooftop PV In Ukraine

Caption: In 2015, only 40 homes had solar rooftops in the Ukraine, end of Q1/2018, already 3,553 homes reported a total of 63 MW. (Source: SAEE)
63 MW Total Rooftop PV In Ukraine
  • Ukraine's total installed rooftop solar power capacity end of March 2018 reached 63 MW
  • Encouraged by net metering policy, the European country now boasts of 3,553 homes having installed rooftop solar power systems
  • Kiev capital region has the highest number of rooftop solar power systems installed with 517 MW
  • Ukraine's total installed solar power capacity was 841 MW end of 2017
  • Solar capacity contributed more than half of the total renewables capacity of 1,534 MW

At the end of March 2018, Ukraine had a total installed rooftop solar PV capacity of 63 MW. This is an increase of close to 24% over the 2017 number of 51 MW. At the end of Q1/2017, this figure was 20.1 MW.

The solar rooftop capacities is mounted on 3,553 private houses. Backed by a net metering scheme, these homes are able to generate their own electricity and feed in the excess power to the grid. Ukraine offers net metering for rooftop solar power systems of up to 30 kW as per a law passed in June 2015.

Kiev has the highest number of PV rooftop systems installed (517), followed by the region of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast(362) and Ternopil region (261), according to the latest data of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation of Ukraine (SAEE).

This is a big jump when taking into account that at the beginning of 2015 there were only 40 homes that decided to go for rooftop solar systems, said Yuriy Shafarenko, Director of SAEE's Department of Renewable Energy Resources ,

At the end of Q1/2018, Ukraine had an installed renewable energy capacity of 1,534 MW. Solar power plants comprised more than half of this amount –  841 MW, according to Shafarenko.

Previously, Ukraine's IB Solar Center had come out with an estimate for 2018. It expects new installations of over 380 MW this year, which would result in over 1.2 GW of total installed solar capacity. (see Ukraine PV Capacity Grows 44% In 2017).

Under its National Action Plan for Renewable Energy, Ukraine targets 2.3 GW of solar capacity by 2020.

Ukraine's DTEK and China's CMEC announced recently a plan to develop a 200 MW solar power project in the Dnipropetrovsk region (see 200 MW PV Plant In Ukraine).

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