• Univergy Solar says it is developing a massive solar park with 700 MW capacity in Peru
  • The project will be developed along with its local partner Proesmin in a town in Tacna
  • It is also working on 80 MW capacity in Loreto, Iquitos and Sta.Maria de Nanay under long-term contracts
  • Eight projects in Lima, Arequipa, Ica and Piura will add up another 23 MW for the company in Peru

Univergy Solar has revealed plans for solar power capacity of over 800 MW in Peru. This includes a 700 MW project is will develop with its local partner Proesmin in Tacna town.

With Proesmin, Univergy says it has been actively working for years to develop PPA projects as well as systems for self-consumption and hybrid power plants.

The management of the company with Spanish-Japanese roots shared that if wants to build four more projects with a combined capacity of 80 MW. These will be located in the towns of Loreto, Iquitos and Sta. Maria de Nanay and will be built under long-term power supply agreements.

Yet another 23 MW capacity is to be built in the form of two projects each in Lima and Arequipa, three projects in Ica and one plant in Piura.

In a brief statement issued to the media, Univergy stressed the importance of Peru in its line of business as it holds ‘enormous potential for the development of clean energy’, hence is a strategic country for the company.

In Latin America and beyond Peru, Univergy Solar is active in the solar markets of Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil, where it claims to be developing over 2 GW of capacity.

In March 2019, Univergy International launched a joint venture with Green Investment Group of Macquarie for 700 MW capacity in Spain, France and the Netherlands (see New Entity For PV Projects In Spain).