Abu Dhabi Unveils Massive Green Ammonia Project Plans

Abu Dhabi Ports Plans To Deploy 800 MW Solar Power Capacity For 40,000 Tons Green Hydrogen To Produce 200,000 Tons Of Green Ammonia To Export To Regional & International Markets

Abu Dhabi Unveils Massive Green Ammonia Project Plans

Abu Dhabi Ports will engage with local and international partners to develop its green ammonia plans with the help of 800 MW solar power capacity in KIZAD. (Source: Abu Dhabi Ports)

  • Abu Dhabi Ports has announced a new green ammonia project with the help of 800 MW exclusive solar power capacity
  • Solar energy will be used to produce 40,000 tons of green hydrogen which will then be used to produce 200,000 tons of green ammonia
  • Green ammonia thus produced will be exported to regional and international markets

State backed Abu Dhabi Ports plans to produce 200,000 tons of green ammonia through a special purpose vehicle (SPV) Helios Industry, to export it to regional and international markets. And to make this ammonia green, it plans to take help from solar power.

A subsidiary of the company called Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) will deploy 800 MW solar power capacity exclusively to produce 40,000 tons of green hydrogen, which in turn will be used to produce the planned quantity of green ammonia. Once it is complete, the Helios Industry project is expected to lower CO2 emissions by more than 600,000 tons annually, according to the promoter company.

It expects the massive project, coming up in KIZAD, to incur an investment worth over AED 3.67 billion ($1 billion) in its construction over 2 phases spanning several years, starting with 100 MW solar in phase I. Helios Industry said the newly announced facility will be the ‘1st’ green ammonia production plant within Abu Dhabi with zero carbon emission.

“The adoption of sustainability and green technology has gained significant traction within the GCC and greater MENA region over the past few years,” said Head of Industrial Cities & Free Zone Cluster, Abu Dhabi Ports and added that it will continue supporting responsible manufacturers who are helping bring about increased sustainability across industries, whilst simultaneously enhancing the level of green knowledge and awareness within the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Ports said Helios Industry will develop the entire project with local and international partners.

Recently, Oman’s oil and gas firm OQ along with EnerTech and InterContinental Energy announced a green hydrogen project to produce 10 million tons of green ammonia wkith the help of 25 GW of solar and wind power (see 25 GW Solar & Wind For Oman’s Green Hydrogen Project).

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