• More than 5 GW of large scale renewable energy projects were under construction, completed or starting in 2018 in Australia as of May 11, 2018, according to Clean Energy Council (CEC)
  • Solar PV projects represent 2,697.7 MW of this total capacity with 1.24 GW already under construction
  • Queensland alone has 20 solar power projects actively under construction, soon to be started or already completed
  • Investments in Queensland’s solar scene add up to $2.6 billion of the total $5 billion investments on solar power projects in Australia; it represents 1,400 MW of new clean energy

Large scale renewable energy projects under construction, completed or starting in 2018 in Australia amount to a total of 5,482 MW. According to statistics shared by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), solar PV projects amount to a total of 2,697.7 MW of the total by May 11, 2018.

The PV project portfolio includes over 1.24 GW under construction, more than 1 GW having secured financial commitment to start construction in 2018, and another 260 MW of completed PV projects in 2018 (see graph). Among the owners of these projects are several foreign names, including America’s First Solar, France’s Neoen, China’s Canadian Solar, Spain’s FRV, among others.

Speaking at the launch of the 2018 Large-scale Solar Industry Forum in Brisbane, CEC Chief Executive Kane Thornton shared the statistics and pointed out that Queensland is leading the nation towards a record year for the large-scale solar industry.

Queensland alone has 20 solar power projects that are actively under construction, would soon start or have already been completed. Across the country, projects which are under construction, completed or have secured financial commitment add up to $5 billion in investment, with Queensland investments contributing more than half – 52%, or $2.6 billion. “All up, large-scale solar activity in the state adds up to almost 2670 direct jobs and 1400 MW of new clean energy,” said Thornton.

CEC says 5,482 MW of total large scale renewable energy capacity has attracted $10.6 billion in investment, leading to 6,141 jobs. Queensland leads the pack with 2.11 GW capacity, followed by Victoria with 1.25 GW, New South Wales with 1.06 GW among states with over 1 GW of capacity.

 Falling cost of large-scale solar power has made solar an interesting and attractive sector for construction companies and major financiers to invest in, it said.

In March 2018, Green Energy Markets estimated that the large scale renewables projects pipeline in Australia at the end of February 2018 was over 5 GW, with solar energy projects accounting for 2.37 GW. Queensland led the solar market with 2.11 GW alone (see 5 GW Large-Scale RE Pipeline In Australia).

Queensland is also leading the nation in rooftop solar installations. In 2017, which was the record year for Australian rooftop solar industry with over 1 GW installed, Queensland reported additions of 295 MW, highest among all states (see 1 GW Of PV On Australian Rooftops In 2017).