• Australia’s CER accredited 667 MW of renewable energy capacity from 34 power stations in the month of September 2018
  • Solar makes up 658 MW of this
  • The solar share comes from five utility scale projects in Queensland and New South Wales
  • It is the highest amount of RE accreditation in a single month since April 2001 and also makes it a record year with most large-scale renewable energy capacity accredited so far in a single year since 2001

With 667 MW of wind and solar power capacity in the form of 34 power stations accredited in the month of September 2018, Australian Clean Energy Regulator (CER) says this is the largest amount of wind and solar capacity accredited in a single month since April 2001.

Solar comprises 658 MW of this total, with 5 utility scale projects out of which 4 are located in Queensland. These are: 181 MW Daydream Solar Farm, 138 MW Bungala Two Solar Farm, 90 MW Emerald Solar Farm and 60 MW Hayman Solar Farm in Queensland, and another 189 MW Coleambally Solar Farm in New South Wales (NSW).

CER mentions German headquartered Innogy’s Limondale Sun Farm in NSW as having reached financial close. It says once constructed and accredited, the 300 MW solar farm will be the largest in the country. In September 2018, Innogy said it acquired the Limondale Solar Power Plant with 349 MW capacity from Overland Sun Farming (see Innogy Acquires 349 MW PV Project In Australia).

Since the beginning of 2018, the agency has accredited 2,799 MW, not only surpassing 2017’s record of 1,088 MW, but also making it the year with the highest large-scale renewable energy capacity accredited so far in a single year since 2001.

In July 2018, it accredited 514 MW of large-scale renewable energy capacity of which solar PV accounted for 395 MW or 76% (see Australia Accredited 395 MW PV Plants In July 2018).

Accredited renewable energy projects in Australia can start generating large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) for the power generation.

“In 2016, the Clean Energy Regulator estimated that for the 2020 target to be reached the total new capacity of renewable energy power projects required to be committed through to the end of 2018 was 6,000 MW. Due to a higher proportion of solar projects in the pipeline than expected the Clean Energy Regulator estimated that 6,400 MW would now be required to reach the target,” according to the CER.

It says since January 2016 till September 2018, Australia accredited renewable energy capacity of 3,872 MW, committed 4,478 MW and it counts 1,734 MW as probable capacity.