Brandenburg Targets 18 GW PV Capacity By 2030

German State Adopts Energy Strategy 2040 & Aim To Install 33 GW Solar PV, Up From 4.5 GW In 2021

Brandenburg Targets 18 GW PV Capacity By 2030

While Germany targets to grow its total installed solar PV capacity to 400 GW by 2040, Brandenburg state wants to contribute with 33 GW to the total under its Energy Strategy 2040, which will be up from around 4.5 GW in 2021.

  • Germany’s Brandenburg has laid down a cumulative installed capacity target of 33 GW for solar PV by 2040 under Energy Strategy 2040
  • It will be achieved with ground mounted, rooftop solar, floating PV, agrivoltaic applications, and the like
  • The state is also working on its climate law under which it targets to become climate neutral by 2045, and present it in Spring 2023

The cabinet of Germany’s Brandenburg state has passed its Energy Strategy 2040 thereby adopting the goal of increasing its installed solar PV capacity from around 4.5 GW in 2021 to 18 GW by 2030, and further up to 33 GW by 2040.

Beyond ground mounted solar systems, Brandenburg will also focus on rooftop solar systems, carports, along with floating PV and agrivoltaics. It will contribute to a 400 GW cumulative target Germany is aiming for as a whole by 2040 by the latest government coalition (see Germany’s Bundestag Clears Easter Package).

In addition, it will also target to install 15 GW worth of wind turbines by 2040, increasing it from around 7.6 GW in 2021 as part of its plans to have 100% of the state’s electricity consumption come from renewable energies by 2030 and 82% heat consumption by 2040, also from clean energy.

Expansion of renewable energy will also help develop a hydrogen economy for the state, according to the local government.

Fundamental aim of the Energy Strategy 2040 is for Brandenburg to increase its energy efficiency so as to become climate neutral latest by the year 2045. With time, the strategy will be subject to regular review since it would need to be subjected to growing dynamics in national and international energy policy.

Energy Minister Jörg Steinbach said, “With our Energy Strategy 2040 we have a solid basis for the future development of energy policy approaches and measures. Since the Energy Strategy 2030 was adopted in 2012, and especially in the past few months, there have been significant changes in German and European energy policy. The strategy was therefore fundamentally revised and adapted to current conditions.”

The state is also working on its interim and sectoral targets for the climate plan which will be presented Spring 2023.

Complete Energy Strategy 2040 document is available on the state government’s website.

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