Chile To Provide 20,369 Hectare Land For RE Projects

Chile’s Ministry Of National Assets & Energy To Offer 20,369 Hectare Land To Encourage Development Of Over 2 GW Of Renewable Energy Facilities In Antofagasta

Chile To Provide 20,369 Hectare Land For RE Projects

Chile’s ministries of National Assets and Energy will provide more than 20,000 hectares of land in Antofagasta region within 2021 for renewable energy. (Photo Credit: Ministry of National Assets, Chile)

  • Chile to offer 20,369 hectares of land in Antofagasta region for renewable energy development
  • It expects this to bring online around 2,037 MW of new renewable energy capacity worth $1.775 billion
  • Renewable energy projects are expected to generate more employment, and bring in more investments

Looking at the renewable energy prospects of Chile’s Antofagasta region, the federal Ministry of National Assets said it will provide 20,369 hectares of public land here which will encourage the construction of about 2,037 MW of renewable energy capacity, and bring in $1.775 billion in investments.

This land for the purpose of renewable energy development will be tendered in 2021, announced the ministry.

On the occasion, the ministry officials said currently there are about 200 contracts so far that have been signed for renewable energy facilities to be located on close to 80,000 hectares of public land.

Over 3 GW of capacity is already located on public land, with another 3 GW having been tendered. By the end of 2021, according to National Assets Minister Julio Isamit, the country would have 7 GW of operational capacity in the north of the country.

Looking forward, Isamit said the country is grappling with 3 challenges, namely to ensure land for the development of green hydrogen, reduce the timing for awarding tenders, simplify processes, and support hybrid and innovative projects.

In July 2021, Acciona Energia expanded its renewable energy capacity in Chile to 922 MW with 238 MW commissioned in Atacama Desert in Antofagasta region (see 238 MW Solar Project Energized In Chile’s Atacama Desert).

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