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Tonngwei Cell Prices Rise & More From Suzhou Good-Ark, Shanghai HIUV

China PV News Snippets

Tongwei increases its cell prices yet again. This time, the integrated solar PV manufacturer increase main cells by RMB 0.02/W. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

Tongwei cell prices rise: Integrated solar PV manufacturer Tongwei said in an announcement that it has increased the prices of three main cell sizes by RMB 0.02/W ($0.0032/W). The prices now are as follows:

  • Mono PERC 166 cell at RMB 1.11/W
  • Mono PERC 182 cell at RMB 1.14/W
  • Mono PERC 210 cell at RMB 1.14/W

In December 2021 too, Tongwei had increased its cell prices (see China PV News Snippets)

Suzhou Good-Ark registers positive growth in 2021: Announcing its 2021 performance report, semiconductor manufacturer Suzhou Good-Ark said that it has achieved an operating revenue of RMB 2.6 billion ($0.41 billion), an increase of 46.07% year-on-year. The company said that during the reporting period, its market share in automotive electronics products, which were strategically deployed in the previous years, continued to increase. At the same time, its wholly-owned subsidiary Suzhou Crystal Silver New Material Technology Co., Ltd. made a ‘breakthrough’ in the performance of monocrystal PERC silver paste, it said, and the sales increased significantly year-on-year. It also recorded growth in PV back-side silver paste and HIT low-temperature paste that also contributed to the performance. In December last year, the company announced to increase the capital of its subsidiary Suzhou Silver Materials by RMB 212 million (see China PV News Snippets)

Shanghai HIUV achieves 11.34% rise in profits: Solar module encapsulation supplier Shanghai HIUV New Materials announced that it has achieved an operating income of RMB 3.1 billion ($0.49 billion) an increase of 109.54% year-on-year; and a total profit of RMB 283 million ($44.83 million), an increase of 11.34% year-on-year. The Chinese company said that the increase in total operating income was mainly due to an increase in the company’s product market share, production and sales volume, and competent raw material prices, which contributed to an increase in the sales price of the product. Meanwhile, in February this year, Shanghai HIUV had issued RMB 694 million worth bonds (see China PV News Snippets)

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