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JinkoSolar Inks Distribution Deal With Aldo Solar & More From DAS Solar, Guangdong No.2

China PV News Snippets

With JinkoSolar and Aldo getting into a distribution agreement, Brazil becomes the first market in Latin America to adopt JinkoSolar's N-type modules. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

JinkoSolar signs power generation distribution deal in the Latin American market with Aldo Solar; DAS Solar releases latest N-type product prices; Guangdong No.2 subsidiary to invest in 2 GW PV power station; China’s first TCO conductive glass production line put into operation.

JinkoSolar inks distribution deal with Aldo Solar: Module supplier JinkoSolar said in an announcement that its main operating subsidiary, JinkoSolar Co, and Brazil’s Aldo Solar have signed a power generation distribution deal in the Latin American market. With this, Brazil will become the first market in Latin America to adopt JinkoSolar’s N-type modules. As per the agreement, about 600 MW of Tiger Neo series modules will be distributed in the Brazilian market and are expected to be pre-sold by Aldo Solar from July 2022. Last year, both companies had signed JinkoSolar’s largest overseas distributed power generation distribution agreement (see JinkoSolar’s 2 GW Agreement With Aldo Solar)

Latest N-type product prices by DAS Solar: Renewable energy solution provider DAS Solar has announced the prices of its N-type product. Here are the details:

  • the unit price of 182 bifacial monocrystalline N-type cells with mainstream efficiency greater than 24.6% in China is RMB 1.27/W ($0.19/W) and
  • the price of 182 bifacial double glass monocrystalline N-type modules is RMB 2.05/W ($0.31/W).

From the last announcement that was made on April 29, the cell and module prices have risen slightly.

Guangdong No.2 to invest in 2 GW PV power station: Renewable energy engineering constructor Guangdong No.2 Hydropower Engineering announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Xinjiang Yuehydro Energy will invest in the construction of 2 GW photovoltaic power station in Awati County. The total investment will be about RMB 10 billion ($1.49 billion). In March this year, Guangdong No.2 had signed EPC deal With Xuwen Huazhong For 300 MW agri-PV power station (see China PV News Snippets)

China’s first TCO conductive glass production line put into operation: Producer and seller of float glass Shandong Jinjing Technology Boshan (Coating) Branch said that its solar power generation glass substrate project has been put into production. The project has independent intellectual property rights and is supposed to be China’s first Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) conductive film glass production line, which can produce building photovoltaic integrated power generation glass substrates. The transformation of the production line began in December last year and lasted for 4 months. It can now produce ultra-thin and ultra-white photovoltaic power generation substrate products, laying a solid foundation for cadmium telluride and perovskite thin film power generation modules.

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