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Risen Plans 100% Equity Transfer Of Ningxia Xuning & More From Arctech, Huayin Power

China PV News Snippets

Risen Energy’s wholly owned subsidiary intends to transfer its entire stake in Ningxia Xuning to CNNP Rich Energy.  (Photo Credit: Risen Energy)

Risen Power’s Ningxia Xuning equity to be transferred; Arctech factory in India begins trial operations; Huayin Power to construct RMB 1 billion to build PV power generation project.

Risen plans Ningxia Xuning New Energy’s equity transfer: Chinese solar panel maker Risen Energy said that its subsidiary, Risen Power, plans to transfer its 100% stake in Ningxia Xuning to CNNP Rich Energy, which is a professional platform focusing on the development, construction and operation of non-nuclear clean energy industry of CNNC and China Nuclear Power. The total price of the transaction is about RMB 35 million ($5.24 million). In the Intersolar Munich Review Virtual Conference held by TaiyangNews recently Risen talked about strengthening high efficiency HJT modules with robust steel frame design (see Leon Zhuang, Risen: Strengthening High Efficiency HJT Modules with Robust Frame Design)

Trial operation time for Arctech tracker factory in India: In an announcement, solar tracking and installation solutions provider from China, Arctech announced that its first manufacturing joint venture in India, Jash Energy, has started trial operations. Located in Gujarat, the 3 GW solar tracker factory is equipped with fully automated production lines, which manufacture major components of the company’s solar tracker products, including uprights, torsion tubes, purlins and fasteners.

Huayin Power to invest RMB 1 billion to build PV power generation plant: Huayin Power stated that a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, Datang Huayin Loudi Clean Energy, plans to invest in the construction of a photovoltaic power generation project in Lengshuijiang City. The installed capacity of the project is about 200 MW and the investment is estimated to be RMB 1 billion ($0.15 billion).


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