China PV News Snippets

CSG Holding To Raise RMB 2.8 Billion for Silicon Production & More From JA Solar, Hongxin, SC Solar, Jinneng

China PV News Snippets

CSG Holding Group plans to produce 50,000 tons of high-purity crystalline silicon projects for which the company is looking at raising about RMB 2.8 billion. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Bjoern Wylezich/

CSG Holding to expand silicon material production capacity; JA Solar to build 10 GW high-efficiency cell project; Hongxin’s 10 GW N-type project’s energy saving report passed; SC Solar TOPCon technology equipment delivered; Jinneng Technology’s PV modules obtain INMETRO listing certification.

CSG Holding to raise RMB 2.8 bn: Solar PV manufacturer CSG Holding Group announced that it plans to raise about RMB 2.8 billion ($0.42 billion) by issuing A-share convertible corporate bonds. This fund will be used to produce 50,000 tons of high-purity crystalline silicon projects, and also to supplement the working capital and repay the company’s debts.

JA Solar to invest RMB 2.6 bn in 10 GW cell project: Chinese vertically integrated solar module manufacturer JA Solar announced that it plans to spend RMB 2.6 billion ($0.39 billion) to build a 10 GW high-efficiency cell project in Yangzhou. The project construction period is expected to be 12 months. Meanwhile in another development, earlier this month, a Group Standard drafted by JA Solar was released (see China PV News Snippets)

Hongxin 10 GW N-type project review passed: Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission stated that it has issued review opinions on the energy-saving report of Hongxin New Energy Technology’s 10 GW high-efficiency N-type monocrystalline silicon rods and silicon wafers project. The Commission said that it has agreed in principle with photovoltaic equipment manufacturer Hongxin’s energy saving report. Spread across an area of 386,033 m2, the project’s main products are 182×182±0.5mm monocrystalline silicon wafers.

SC Solar TOPCon technology 2-in-1 coating equipment delivered: Chinese PV equipment manufacturer SC Solar has delivered its TOPCon technology 2-in-1 coating equipment. The company decided to use the combination of PECVD coating and low-damage PVD coating to prepare the backside tunneling silicon dioxide film of TOPCon cells and doped amorphous (carbide) silicon film. This technical method can effectively reduce or even avoid the coiling problems of LPCVD equipment in the industry.

Jinneng Group PV modules obtain Brazil’s INMETRO listing certification: Chinese PV manufacturer and clean energy provider Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd (Jinergy) said that its large-scale photovoltaic modules have obtained the INMETRO listing certification in Brazil. The certified large-scale photovoltaic products have a power exceeding 600 W and have ultra-high conversion efficiency. It says the products have excellent weather resistance capabilities and are suitable for harsh environments.

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