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Perovskite Solar Cell Production Equipment From SC New Energy & More From Dongying, Trina, An’an

China PV News Snippets

SC New Energy says its 1st perovskite solar cell production equipment is now ready to be shipped to its customer. (Photo Credit: SC New Energy Technology Corporation)

SC New Energy ready to ship perovskite solar cell equipment; Dongying Taipu constructing 1 GW PV manufacturing plant; Trina Solar wind 50 MW AC Malaysia project; An’an Group’s aluminum frame project.

SC New Energy’s perovskite production equipment: SC New Energy has announced producing its 1st vertical reactive plasma coating equipment (RPD) for the production of perovskite solar cells. The equipment has passed requisite tests and will be shipped to the customer for production, the company announced. It collaborated with a research team from Taiwan for the design of the equipment and used Japan’s Sumitomo Heavy Industry (SHI) technology platform.

Dongying Taipu’s 1 GW module plant: Dongying Taipu has started construction for its 1 GW high efficiency solar PV module plant at Shandong Hekou Economic Development Zone. The RMB 310 million project is expected to come online in December 2022.

Trina Solar’s 50 MW Malaysia project: Trina Solar has won a 71 MW DC/50 MW AC floating solar power plant in Malaysia’s Sarawak region under an auction concluded by the Sarawak Energy Berhad. Trina will deploy its n-type bifacial high efficiency solar modules on site with string inverter solutions for the project to come up on the water surface of Batang Ai Hydropower Station. The finished project will be integrated with an existing hydropower plant to optimize existing infrastructure by sharing the same. Trina says it will be the 1st large scale floating solar power station in Sarawak.

An’an Group to set up aluminum frame plant for modules: An’an Group will establish a manufacturing plant for aluminum frames for solar modules, with an annual capacity of catering to 25 GW of modules. It will be located in Ganyu Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu province. The company plans to invest RMB 3 billion to set up 12 new extrusion lines and 25 PV frame automation production lines. It is scheduled to start construction on site in October 2022 and bring it online in December 2023. On completion, it is expected to achieve annual sales of over RMB 4 billion.

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