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Daqo New Energy’s RMB 6 Billion Polysilicon Plans For Baotou & More From Guangdong, Jinergy, Fengfan, Huaneng

China PV News Snippets

Polysilicon producer Daqo New Energy will be building 300,000 MT high-purity industrial silicon and 200,000 MT organic silicon projects in Baotou. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Bjoern Wylezich/

Daqo to invest RMB 6 billion for silicon production in Baotou; Guangdong working on 300 MW agrivoltaic project; Jinergy’s 15.5 kg module; Fengfan to invest in Jingying; Huaneng’s solar for animal husbandry project.

Daqo’s RMB 6 billion Baotou plans: Daqo New Energy has said it will invest RMB 6 billion to set up silicon production plants in Baotou city’s Jinshan Industrial Park. The projects will comprise 300,000 metric ton (MT) of high-purity industrial silicon and 200,000 MT of organic silicon to be set up in 3 phases. Under phase I, it will aim for an output of 150,000 MT of high-purity industrial silicon production to come online in Q3/2023. Phase II with 150,000 MT will be aligned with the progress of phase II of 200,000 MT per year of organic silicon. Phase III will be realized once the project meets relevant industrial policy conditions. Management said the investment is based on the company’s strategic development needs and going by the solar industry prospects. Back in December 2021, Daqo said it will expand its polysilicon production capacity by 200,000 MT along with 21,000 MT polysilicon for the semiconductor industry, 300,000 MT for silicon metal and 200,000 MT for silicone projects in Baotou and Guyang (see Daqo’s 200,000 MT Polysilicon For Solar Industry).

300 MW agrivoltaic project: Guangdong Company of the National Energy Group is working on a 300 MW agrivoltaic project in Yingde city’s Puling village in Guangdong province. To be built for RMB 1.38 billion, the project is expected to generate 291 million kWh annually. The site will be used for the cultivation of medicinal plants.

Jinergy’s new lightweight module: Jinergy has launched a new lightweight solar module with 182mm wafer size that weighs 15.5 kg, with upgraded power efficiency of 21.3%, and 415W power output, the company claimed. It added that the product has passed the 25mm hail impact test and meets the load requirements of 5,400 Pa on the front and 2,400 Pa on the back. Current mainstream distributed generation modules weight about 21 kg. The solar cells used were placed using non-destructive cutting technology and superimposed welding strip shaping technology. These can be deployed for domestic and overseas high-end markets with an all-black color for improved aesthetics.

Steel company to invest in silicon wafer producer: Fengfan Electric Power Equipment, a producer of steel products, has announced plans to acquire controlling rights of silicon wafer producer Jingying Solar. Fengfan says the transaction is based on the normal development needs do the company’s business and in line with its long-term strategic growth plans. The deal will have a positive impact on the company’s performance improvement and profit growth, it added.

Agreement for integrated solar project: Huaneng Group’s Chaohu Power Plant and Bozhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs have signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to combine solar PV power generation with animal husbandry. They plan to explore solar power use for the development of animal husbandry industry that would contribute to the construction of beautiful and livable villages in Bozhou city.

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