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LONGi Products Win Awards In China & More From Trina, JinkoSolar, Hangzhou First, Jinergy

China PV News Snippets

LONGi wins TOPCon module power generation simulation and the BIPV module comprehensive performance awards at the 2022 TÜV Rheinland China Photovoltaic Festival in Hefei. (Photo Credit: LONGi)

LONGi wins award at 2022 TÜV Rheinland China Photovoltaic Festival; Trina 210 vertex modules undergo bankability and reliability tests; JinkoSolar Zhangzhou 3.3 MW commercial rooftop project; Hangzhou First issues bonds to invest in PV projects; Jinergy launches new all-black module.

LONGi products win awards in China: Chinese vertically integrated solar PV company LONGi stated that it has won the TOPCon module power generation simulation and the BIPV module comprehensive performance awards at the 2022 TÜV Rheinland China Photovoltaic Festival in Hefei. For the power generation simulation award, samples are randomly selected from mass-produced modules and tested for their performance at various states. LONGi modules stood out for its high efficiency, high reliability and low BOS cost. Meanwhile the BIPV modules was all about good building materials properties and stable power generation. Recently LONGi featured in the list of Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises (see China PV News Snippets)

Trina vertex modules undergo bankability and reliability tests: Chinese solar module manufacturer Trina Solar said that experts from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), RETC, and Wood Mackenzie have conducted an in-depth discussion about the bankability and high reliability of its 210 Vertex Ultra-high-power modules and the application of 600W+ globally. UL, which is an independent advisory organization, found the modules to have excellent performance in terms of reliability, compatibility, lowering LCOE and a high-standard quality management system. It also found that the Vertex series modules are compatible with both utility-scale inverters and string inverters. Meanwhile, in July this year Trina Solar’s module shipment had crossed 8 GW mark in India (see China PV News Snippets)

JinkoSolar delivers Zhangzhou 3.3 MW rooftop project: Module supplier JinkoSolar announced that it has delivered the 3.3 MW industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic power station project of Hongquan Food Packaging (Zhangzhou). Using N-TOPCon Tiger Neo single-sided modules, the project also consists of 40 pieces of P-PERC modules on the roof. With over 5900 photovoltaic modules having an average efficiency of over 22%, the project covers 25,000 sq meters of the roof and can generate an average of 7 million kWh of renewable energy per year.

Hangzhou First issues RMB 3.03 billion bonds: Polymer materials developer and manufacturer Hangzhou First Applied Material said in an announcement that it has issued convertible bonds of not more than RMB 3.03 billion ($0.43 billion), which will be invested in about seven projects. Out of these projects about five to six belong to the photovoltaic industry, and would include a high efficiency cell packaging film facility with an annual output of 250 million square meters. This facility aims to expand the company’s core business of photovoltaic films. The other projects would include a 3.4 MWp, a 12 MW, and a 3555 KWp rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation projects.

Jinergy launches new all-black module: PV manufacturer and clean energy provider Jinergy announced that it has launched the Jinergy Development Series – All Black Modules JNMM120 single-sided power generation modules and JNHM120 double-sided power generation modules. These products continue to use PERC and N-type HJT cells, and the PID performance has been greatly optimized. The products are compact, light-weight, occupies less area and have high-pressure resistance capacities. It is more suitable for landscape projects such as villa roofs, and landscape enclosures.

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