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Jiangsu Zhongqing Starts n-Type TOPCon Cell Production & More From Autowell, Risen, Shanghai Tianyang

China PV News Snippets

Jiangsu Zhongqing Industrial Development Group holds anniversary celebrations for the Xinyi facility, where it produces n-type TOPCon cells. (Photo Credit: Jiangsu Zhongqing Industrial Development Group)

Jiangsu Zhongqing starts 3 GW n-type TOPCon Cell Production; Autowell and Zhonggi get into a sales deal; Risen’s Baotou factory produces first module; JinkoSolar talks about TOPCon energy yield performance; Shanghai Tianyang and DAS partner for solar cell encapsulation film.

Jiangsu Zhongqing launches 3 GW n-type TOPCon cell line: Jiangsu Zhongqing Industrial Development Group Xinyi facility has successfully launched its n-type TOPCon cell production with a capacity of 3 GW, according to the company. This coincided with the anniversary celebrations of the facility, and the Group took this opportunity to release latest two n-type TOPCon modules: Pioneer No. 1 and Pioneer No. 2.

Autowell sells wafer sorting machines to Zhongqi: Automation equipment manufacturer Autowell Technology announced that it has got into a sales agreement with power company, Zhongqi Jiangsu Solar Technology. As per the agreement, Autowell is selling wafer sorting machines to Zhongqi Jiangsu. The sales amount is about RMB 92 million ($12.98 million). Earlier this month, Autowell had sold marking and welding machine to Tongwei (see China PV News Snippets)

First module from Risen’s 3 GW Baotou factory produced: Chinese solar panel maker Risen said via a WeChat communication that the first module from Risen Energy’s (Baotou) 3 GW module factory was successfully produced. The total investment including source, network, load and storage integration was about RMB 44.6 billion ($6.29 billion). The 3  GW module factory began construction in April this year, and the first n-type high-efficiency 210 photovoltaic module was produced now. Recently, Risen has announced plans to raise up to RMB 5 billion for HJT production (see China PV News Snippets)

Shanghai Tianyang and DAS partner for solar cell encapsulation film: Scientific research and innovation enterprise Shanghai Tianyang said in an announcement that its  wholly-owned subsidiary has signed a solar cell packaging film agreement with Chinese solar PV module and cell supplier DAS Solar for the year 2023. Here are the details:

  • Next year, DAS Solar will purchase from the company no less than 0.36 GW of pure POE film required for modules. The monthly average purchase quantity will not be less than 300,000 m2.
  • In the same year, DAS Solar will also purchase 2.2 GW of double-glass film (EVA with co-extruded POE) required for modules. The monthly average purchase quantity of double glass film will not be less than 1.7 million square meters (about 24 million square meters in total).

The sales amount will be decided as per the actual order price and delivery quantity. This agreement will bring Shanghai Tianyang an additional sales volume of 24 million square meters of solar cell encapsulation film.


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