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Hebei Takes Measures To Strengthen Management Of Rooftop Distributed PV Power Generation

China PV News Snippets

Hebei province releases points that when followed can strengthen and smoothen the management of rooftop distributed PV power generation. (Illustrative photo; Photo Credit: Esbobeldijk/

Hebei province recently released a notice that aims at strengthening the management of distributed rooftop solar power generation.

Few days back, the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on strengthening the management of rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation. The document wanted adherence on a couple of points, of which few are mentioned below:

  • To avoid long-distance and cross-regional power transmission, there must be seamless coordination among the development and construction of distributed rooftop photovoltaics, the electricity load, and the construction and development of the power grid of that area. This will help avoid long-distance and cross-regional power transmission.
  • Development of rooftop distributed photovoltaic projects must adhere to nearby consumption and local balance.
  • Regularly disclose the accessible capacity of power grid. Over-capacity access is strictly prohibited, and the photovoltaic capacity (including the capacity under construction or to be constructed) connected to the main transformers (distribution transformers) of power grids at all levels should not exceed 80% of the rated capacity of the equipment.
  • Power grid companies to strengthen communication and docking with local governments and rooftop distributed photovoltaic development companies.
  • Regional load levels coordination and active formulation of supporting grid construction plans to be applicable for the entire county’s rooftop photovoltaic pilots and rooftop distributed photovoltaics in areas with limited access to capacity.


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