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Jiangsu Issues Notice On Promoting Construction of Distributed PV Systems in Public Institutions

China PV News Snippets

In order to promote the construction of distributed photovoltaic systems in public institutions, the Jiangsu province has released a notice comprising certain points that need to be adhered by various departments. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Jenson/

The Jiangsu Provincial Administration has released a notice to promote the construction of distributed photovoltaic systems in public institutions*.

Here are the details mentioned in the notice:

  • Government departments at all levels to take the lead in promoting the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems in public institutions.
  • Local, government, and subordinate public agencies to be organized to carry out project construction
  • Development and reform departments at every level to be responsible for optimizing the approval process, the implementation of overall packaging, and filing for distributed photovoltaic projects that are centralized and organized by public institutions
  • Financial departments to be responsible for implementing relevant financial support policies, and also for encouraging qualified regions to assist the development of distributed photovoltaics through financial subsidies and other means
  • Power companies in all regions to be responsible for optimizing network access services, and to cooperate with relevant departments and units to prepare for distribution network access for safe and stable operation
  • Public institutions at all levels to study and analyze the construction conditions of their own units, and actively cooperate with relevant department

* Due to China’s Golden Week holidays, this week our China coverage is limited.

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