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JinkoSolar At 2022 Fortune China 500 Summit & More From Tianfu, Trina, DAS Solar

China PV News Snippets

Speaking at the 2022 Fortune China 500 Summit, Vice President JinkoSolar, Qian Jing (second from left), discussed dual carbon goal and also shared views on the challenges of new power systems and energy storage. (Photo Credit: JinkoSolar)

JinkoSolar attends 2022 Fortune China 500 Summit; Tianfu to raise funds for PV projects; Trina Tracker’s  One-inportrait (1P) tracker system validated for compliance; Construction starts for DAS Solar cell/module production facilities.

JinkoSolar at 2022 Fortune China 500 Summit: In a WeChat communication, module supplier JinkoSolar said it was invited to attend the 2022 Fortune China 500 Summit in Wenzhou City. This is a summit where world-renowned economists and multinational companies’ CEOs discuss innovative technologies and cutting-edge industries for a sustainable future. The company said that it was the only PV company to have been invited. Speaking at the summit, JinkoSolar said that that there is still room for cost reduction in photovoltaic power generation. The company also referred to its Tiger Neo module based on n-type TOPCon technology. Meanwhile, JinkoSolar will also be talking at TaiyangNews 3-days virtual conference titled: High Efficiency Solar Technologies – TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow. The topic would be: Mass production of n-type TOPCon technology – Sharing GW scale experiences. The conference will take place from Nov 23-25 2022. For free registration, please click here.

Tianfu Energy to raise RMB 1.5 billion for PV projects: Electricity producer and supplier Tianfu Energy said in an announcement that it is raising a proposed non-public offering that will not exceed RMB 1.5 billion ($0.21 billion). The raised funds will be used in photovoltaic projects, after deducting issuance expenses. One such project is the Tianfu 400 MW power generation project of the Shihezi 1 GW PV base project in northern Xinjiang.

Trina tracker system validated for compliance: Tracker manufacturer TrinaTracker announced that RINA Tech Renewables, a well-known inspection, certification and consulting organization, has validated its One-inportrait (1P) tracker system for compliance with the Australian Building Codes and Standards for deployment inWind Region C. The wind speeds in the Australian Wind Region C are classified as cyclonic and can go as high as 248 km/h. Hence, the RINA assessment is significant as it confirms the 1P tracker system’s performance, feasibility and reliability in harsh conditions, said Trina. This further opens up opportunities for deployment on underutilized windy zones, and also solidifies Trina Solar’s commitment to meeting the unique and diverse needs of the Australian customers. On another note, please watch out for Trina Solar’s participation at the TaiyangNews virtual conference titled: High Efficiency Solar Technologies – TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow. For free registration, please click here.

DAS Solar cell/module production facilities begin construction: Chinese solar PV module and cell supplier DAS Solar said via WeChat that construction has begun for its 10 GW photovoltaic n-type module and 2 GW photovoltaic cell facilities in Jingshan. With an investment of RMB 6 billion ($0.83 billion), the facilities will be spread across an area of 600 mu and will be built in two phases. The first phase will build 6 PV module production lines, and will be completed and put into operation by the end of March 2021. The second phase will build 6 solar module production lines and 4 solar cell production lines. On completion, the annual output value from these facilities are expected to exceed RMB 20 billion ($2.77 billion). DAS Solar CTO Dengyuan Song will speak on Day 1 on TOPCon technology at the TaiyangNews High Efficiency Solar Technologies – TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow from Nov. 23-25. For free registration, please click here.


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