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Tongwei Wins 400 MW High-Efficiency Modules Overseas Order & More From GCL Integration, Zhongqing Photovoltaic, Hymson

China PV News Snippets

With Tongwei Solar and PVO International signing a 400 MW high-efficiency module supply agreement, the initial focus will be the Benelux market. (Photo Credit: Tongwei)

Tongwei wins overseas order; GCL Integration to build 12 GW PV module facility in Funing; Construction begins for Zhongqing Photovoltaic (Xichong) facility; Hymson TOPCon doping equipment improves efficiency; China’s new energy grid-connected consumption statistics released.

Tongwei wins 400 MW high-efficiency modules overseas order: Integrated solar PV manufacturer from China Tongwei Solar said via WeChat that the company and PVO International have signed a 400 MW high-efficiency module supply agreement. With this, both the companies will be using their strengths and resources to further contribute to the development of the new energy industry, and upgrade the bilateral cooperative relationship to a pan-European strategic cooperation. PVO International and Tongwei will cooperate for a full range of products spanning across industrial and commercial, household roof, ground power station and other related businesses. Initially, the market-in-focus will be Benelux and then spread to Europe and other regions.

GCL Integration to invest in 12 GW PV module facility in Funing: Chinese solar PV cell and module manufacturer GCL Integration announced that it has a deal with the Management Committee of Funing Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province for a 12 GW high efficiency photovoltaic module facility. With an investment of RMB 2 billion ($0.29 billion), the facility will be spread across 230 mu, with a construction area of about 120,000 square meters, and is expected to be put into operation before 30 October, 2023. Last year, GCL Integration and Suneng had partnered for sales platform (see China PV News Snippets)

Construction begins for Zhongqing PV (Xichong) facility: Photovoltaic new materials developer and manufacturer Zhongqing Photovoltaic has begun construction of its Xichong facility, local media reported. With an investment of RMB 4 billion ($0.58 billion), the facility will be built in phases. The first phase, spread across an area of about 500 mu, will see the construction of a 10 GW TOPCon high-efficiency cell and 2 GW high-power module facility. Meanwhile, the second phase will focus on a photovoltaic power generation station that will create a benchmark for green and low-carbon industries. Once the facility is completed, the annual output value will be about RMB 16 billion ($2.3 billion).

Hymson TOPCon doping equipment improves efficiency: Laser and automation equipment company Hymson, over a WeChat communication, said that its 20 GW TOPCon primary doping equipment is being mass-produced at a customer’s site. Apparently, the efficiency of its production line has improved by about 0.3%, enabling customers to undertake orders for high-efficiency modules. Since the beginning of this year, Hymson has won multiple bids for mass production.

China’s PV utilization rate at 98.8%: The China New Energy Consumption Monitoring and Early Warning Center recently released the national new energy grid-connected consumption statistics. Here are the details:

  • The national photovoltaic utilization rate, specific to December 2022, was at 98.8%. The utilization rate of photovoltaic and wind power in Beijing and Tianjin were both at 100%
  • From January to December 2022, the national photovoltaic utilization rate was at 98.3%. The utilization rate of photovoltaic and wind power in Beijing and Tianjin were both at 100%

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