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JinkoSolar’s Leo Cong At TaiyangNews Webinar…& More

China PV News Snippets

At the TaiyangNews Webinar with special focus on TOPCon Solar Modules, Leo Cong will speak on Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type TOPCon Module Introduction. To join, scan the QR Code in the banner above or go to TaiyangNews website for Free Registrations. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

  • Jinko Solar to present in TaiyangNews TOPCon Solar Special Focus Webinar on Jan. 25
  • Ginlong Technologies expects its net profit in 2021 to be between RMB 455 million and RMB 535 million
  • Hongrun Construction and Ningbo Shanshan decided to get into a partnership for photovoltaics
  • Jiangxi Jinko initial public offering pricing announced, each share priced at RMB 5

JinkoSolar’s Leo Cong to speak at TaiyangNews Webinar on January 25, while Hongrun and Shanshan partner, Ginglong shares 2021 results forecasts, and JinkoSolar subsidiary share price announced.

JinkoSolar’s Leo Cong at TaiyangNews Webinar: Leo Cong, Global Product Manager Jinko Solar will be taking part in the TaiyangNews Webinar: The Time Is Ripe For Topcon Solar Modules. The Webinar will be held on 25 January 2022 from 10:00 to 11:30 CET. He will be talking on Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type TOPCon Module Introduction. Do join us. Click here for Agenda, and for Free Registration, click here

Ginlong Technologies announces 2021 results forecast: Solar inverter manufacturer Ginlong Technologies disclosed its 2021 earnings forecast. The company expects a net profit between RMB 455 million and RMB 535 million ($71.68 million and $84.28 million), an increase of 43% to 68% year-on-year. During the reporting period, the demand for domestic and foreign sales of the company’s products was strong, and the overall order volume was full, which in turn contributed to the growth, it said.

Hongrun partners with Shanshan: Recognizing each other’s capabilities in the field of photovoltaic new energy business, national high-tech enterprise Hongrun Construction and lithium-ion battery materials company Ningbo Shanshan have decided to get into a partnership, according to a company not on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. While Shanshan will concentrate on the photovoltaic new energy assets and business, Hongrun intends to expand in the new energy field with photovoltaics in focus.

JinkoSolar subsidiary IPO price announced: The Shanghai Stock Exchange recently announced vertically integrated module maker JinkoSolar’s subsidiary, Jiangxi Jinko’s, initial public offering (IPO) pricing. Jiangxi Jinko plans to issue 2 billion shares representing approximately 20% of the total 10 billion shares outstanding after the IPO. Of the shares issued in the IPO, 600 million shares will be issued via direct placement to cornerstone investors including China National Social Security Fund, Jiangxi Jinko Asset Management Plans, and many others. The proposed pricing of the IPO is RMB 5 ($0.79) per share. The estimated total gross proceeds of the IPO is expected to be approximately RMB 10 billion ($1.58 billion). After the IPO, JinkoSolar will own approximately 58.62% of Jiangxi Jinko.


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