• Akcome Technology enters into a strategic agreement with Jiangsu Taixing High-Tech Zone to build 6 GW high-efficiency HJT solar cell and module project
  • Wind and solar operator Concord New Energy to sell Yunnan PV project for RMB 175 million
  • Prices of mainstream 3.2 mm PV glass reportedly have risen again in early November to around RMB 44 /m2
  • Shanxi Coal International Energy Group has said that the construction land for its first phase 3 GW heterojunction cell factory has been successfully delisted

Akcome and Taixing High-Tech Zone to build 6 GW solar cell/module HJT fab: China based Jiangsu Akcome Technology has entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Jiangsu Taixing High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee. They will jointly be building a 6 GW high-efficiency heterojunction solar cell and high-efficiency module project at Jiangsu. The project is expected to be constructed in three phases, 2 GW each. This partnership has been initiated to deepen their strategic cooperation in the fields of photovoltaic power plants and high-efficiency heterojunction projects and to jointly promote the industrial development.

Recently, Akcome Technology and its shareholding company Suzhou Akcome Energy had signed an agreement with hydrogen energy company Shuifa Group for strategic cooperation in the development of photovoltaic projects (see China PV Snippets: Akcome, Shuifa, Jinko, Alxa).

Concord to sell Yunnan PV project for RMB 175 million: Wind and solar operator Concord New Energy announced that Yinhua Century Concord, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has entered into a share transfer agreement with China Nuclear Power Shandong. The agreement is to sell to China Nuclear Power Shandong 100% equity of Yongren Century Concord, located in Yunnan, for a consideration of RMB 89.9 million ($13.58 million) and 100% equity of Huaping Concord for RMB 84.8 million ($12.81 million).

PV glass prices again rise in early November: The quotations released in early November of leading photovoltaic glass companies showed that the price of mainstream 3.2 mm photovoltaic glass has risen to around RMB 44 /m2 ($6.65), a month-on-month increase of more than 20%, according to SolarZoom. Since July, the increase of this glass variety has been about 80%. The November quotations of some small factories are as high as RMB 50 /m2 ($7.55), SolarZoom reported.

Shanxi Coal discloses progress of 3 GW HJT factory plan: Disclosing the progress of the first phase of its 3 GW heterojunction (HJT) solar cell factory, Coal Miner Shanxi Coal International Energy Group said that the that the construction land for the first phase has been successfully delisted and environmental assessment of the project unit’s construction has been completed. It was in August that Shanxi Coal announced its plans to invest in a joint venture to develop the first phase with 3 GW of the 10 GW project (see China PV News Snippets: Shanxi Coal, Zhongli Group)