China PV News Snippets: Chint, JSG, LONGi, Hunan Red

Chint Solar’s Yancheng Plant Put Into Operation; JSG To Sell Equipment To Zhonghuan Subsidiaries; LONGi Raises The Price Of Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers; Hunan Red Sun Wins Bid For 450 MW PV Module Procurement

China PV News Snippets: Chint, JSG, LONGi, Hunan Red

Chint Astronergy has shipped the first batch of its ASTRO 5 series 540 W modules from its Yancheng plant. The RMB 4 billion factory project was signed in April 2020, and construction had begun in July 2020. (Photo Credit: Chint Solar)

Chint Solar’s Yancheng plant put into operation: Chint Solar said it managed to ship smoothly the first batch of its ASTRO 5 series 540 W modules of its Yancheng plant, thus further deepening its hold in the manufacturing sector. The total investment for the Yancheng factory, where the 6 GW cell and 6 GW module production line is being built, is RMB 4 billion ($0.62 billion) and is spread across 436 acres. The first phase of the project covers an area of 245 acres and a total investment of RMB 2 billion ($0.31 billion). Chint Astronergy presented the latest update on its solar modules at the TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technology Conference (see recording of presentation here)

JSG to sell equipment to Zhonghuan subsidiaries: In an announcement, semiconductor and solar equipment manufacturer JSG announced that it has signed a procurement contract for automatic crystal growth furnaces and monocrystalline silicon rods processing equipment with Inner Mongolia Zhonghuan GCL Photovoltaic Materials Co., Ltd. The contract value for the automatic crystal growth furnaces is RMB 1.6 billion ($0.25 billion) and for monocrystalline silicon rod processing equipment is RMB 194 million ($29.85 million), totaling to RMB 1.8 billion ($0.28 billion). The wire saws have a total contract value of 267 million RMB ($41.08 million). In total, the contract value works out to be RMB 2.07 billion ($0.32 billion).

LONGi raises the price of monocrystalline silicon wafers: Announcing the new price for its silicon wafers, the world’s largest wafer maker LONGi said that there has been an increase compared to March. The P-type 158.75 and M6 (170μm) monocrystalline silicon wafers have been priced at RMB 3.65/piece ($0.56/piece) and RMB 3.75 /piece ($0.58/piece). The price of each piece has risen by RMB 0.1 ($0.015). Meanwhile, monocrystalline M10 wafer have been priced at RMB 4.56/piece ($0.70/piece) and the price of each piece has increased by RMB 0.12 ($0.018).  In November, LONGi had set the P-type monocrystalline silicon wafer with M10 175 μm thickness (182/247mm) at RMB 3.9 ($.58) per piece (see China PV News Snippet: LONGi, Topray, Zhanghuan, N-type).

Hunan Red Sun wins bid for 450 MW PV module procurement: Guangzhou Development New Energy Co., Ltd., recently announced the bidding results for the second phase of PV its module procurement for 2021 to 2022. Hunan Red Sun won the 450 MW bid with a total price of RMB 711 million ($109.38 million) and a unit price of RMB 1.58/W ($0.24/W).

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