China PV News Snippets: Huadian, Zhonghuan

Huadian Procures 7 GW PV Modules And String Inverters; Zhonghuan Ships 1.4 GW 210 Wafers In January 2021

Huadian procures 7 GW PV modules and string inverters: China Huadian Group recently issued an announcement regarding the procurement of its first batch of monocrystalline silicon PV modules and string inverter frames this year. The total bidding capacity is 7 GW, out of which 80% comprises 530 W and above specification modules, amounting to about 5.6 GW, which will be delivered by the second quarter of 2021.

Zhonghuan ships 1.4 GW 210 wafers in January 2021: In an announcement, Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor (TZS) said that its shipment of 210mm wafers in January has exceeded 1.4 GW. The price of 210 mm /175 micrometer type wafers was at RMB 5.6 /piece ($0.87 per piece). In December last year, wafer maker Zhonghuan was one of the eight companies who called for the manufacturing industry to standardize 210 mm size silicon wafer and modules to make the most of 'vast development potential and opportunities' presented by the 210mm silicon wafer (see 8 Companies Push For Standardizing 210mm Wafer Size)

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