• Risen Energy, Shangneng Electric and Trina Solar sign a strategic cooperation agreement on "Co-building 600W+ Industrial Ecosystem"
  • Huawei and China Power Construction sign agreement to realize latter’s digital transformation and industrial upgrading

Risen, Shangneng Electric and Trina sign 600W+ strategic agreement: At the recently held CREC 2020 show, hosted by the China Chamber of International Commerce and the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, Risen Energy, Shangneng Electric and Trina Solar jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement on “Co-building 600W+ Industrial Ecosystem”. With this agreement in place, the three parties want to strengthen cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages and resources, and jointly explore the direction of future technological evolution. This will enable them to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation while promoting high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry. Risen and Trina are two of China’s leading module manufacturers betting on 210 mm wafer sizes and were among the first introducing 600W level module products (see TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on 500W+ Modules). Already in July, Trina Solar had announced formation of an alliance as a concerted effort from 39 companies in the field of solar PV, among them several market leaders, to steer the industry towards 600W+ solar module technology adoption (see 39 PV Firms Back 600 W+ Solar PV Modules)

Huawei and Jiangxi Power sign cooperation agreement: Chinese multinational technology company Huawei and China Power Construction Group Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. have signed an in-depth cooperation agreement at Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen. As per the agreement, both parties will conduct comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of enterprise digital transformation, 5G energy solutions, smart photovoltaics, energy storage system integration, multi-energy complementation, and big data cloud platform management and control. This move is to enable Jiangxi Power Construction realize its digital transformation and industrial upgrading.