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Tongwei Solar Unveils TNC Module G12R Series & More From Risen, NEA, Sichuan, Flat Glass Group, Ideal Deposition
TW Solar (Tongwei) has announced the launch of its TNC G12R series modules module based on 210R cells. (Photo Credit: Tongwei Solar)
TW Solar (Tongwei) has announced the launch of its TNC G12R series modules module based on 210R cells. (Photo Credit: Tongwei Solar)

Tongwei's TNC Module G12R Series; 5.13% higher power from Risen's Hyper-ion; China residential solar installations >105 GW as of Sep '23; 10 GW integrated cell & module facility in Sichuan; Flat Glass plans 2 facilities in Indonesia; US order for IDEAL's perovskite equipment.

Tongwei unveils TNC Module G12R Series: Integrated solar PV manufacturer TW Solar (Tongwei) has announced the launch of its TNC Module G12R series. The product consists of 2 variants – one a residential distributed module based on 48 pieces of 210R cells, reaching a peak power of 445 W, with dimensions of 1762x1134mm. The second is a C&I/ utility-scale module based on 66 pieces of 210R cells, achieving a maximum power of 620 W, and dimensions of 2382x1134mm, all delivering a module efficiency of 23%. The company says that the module series employs TNC high-efficiency cell, which achieved a breakthrough production efficiency of 26.1%. Tongwei's TNC modules were featured in TaiyangNews New Solar Products Overview H1/2023, which can be downloaded for free here.

Risen Energy says HJT Hyper-ion modules generate 5.13% higher power: Risen Energy has released empirical data on the performance of its heterojunction (HJT) Hyper-ion modules compared to PERC and TOPCon modules. The company says that the tests conducted in Hainan indicate a 5.13% higher power generation per watt for HJT modules compared to PERC. It said that this is demonstrated by simulations in over 20 countries that show that HJT modules consistently outperform others, particularly in high-temperature areas. Risen Energy says that its technical team will continue to analyze data as tests continue to be conducted worldwide. The company believes that continuous updates will further validate the high power generation performance of its HJT Hyper-ion products. In October, Risen reported that its operating income increased 33.27% YoY for the 9M 2023 (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

China's residential distributed solar installations surpass 105 GW as of September: China's National Energy Administration has released statistical data that indicates that the country's cumulative installed capacity of residential distributed solar systems has surpassed 105 GW as of the end of September 2023. This achievement significantly contributes to China's total installed solar capacity reaching a substantial 520 GW. According to the provided statistics, the number of installed residential distributed PV systems in China's rural areas has surpassed 5 million households. For 9M 2023, the newly added capacity for residential distributed solar in China reached 32.977 GW, constituting approximately 50% of the total newly added distributed solar capacity. This surpasses 25% of the total national solar additions during the same period, marking a 1.3-times increase compared to last year. Recently, NEA reported that China added a total of 128.9 GW of solar power during Q3 2023 (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Sichuan Province invites 10 GW integrated PV cell & module facility in Leshan: The Government of Sichuan has announced its plans for a 10 GW integrated solar cell & module facility in Leshan City. The total planned investment in the 500-acre facility is about RMB 7 billion ($966.8 million), which is located in the western region of Leshan City High-tech Zone. The land acquisition work has been started and the land is expected to be are for construction by January 2024. The government aims to attract integrated facilities with back contact, perovskite based cells and modules from both domestic and foreign PV companies.

Flat Glass plans 2 solar glass facilities in Indonesia: Solar glass manufacturer Flat Glass Group Co., Ltd. has announced its intention to establish 2 solar glass manufacturing facilities in Central Java, Indonesia. The facilities, with a daily melting capacity of 1,600 tons each, will be built through its Indonesian subsidiary. The company says that it is investing approximately $290 million in the facilities, that will include glass production lines and associated processing production lines.

Ideal Deposition gets perovskite cell equipment order from US solar firm: Solar equipment manufacturer Ideal Deposition has announced that it has formally received an order from a leading US solar company. As part of the order, Ideal will supply the buyer its independently developed equipment for depositing thin films on perovskite solar cells using the Spray-Assisted Layer-by-Layer Deposition (SALD) process. Additionally, discussions are underway for collaboration on production equipment for solar cells.

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