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DAH Solar’s Record Mass Production Conversion Efficiency & More From LONGi, NWEPDI, Risen Energy, Zhongmao Lvneng
DAH Solar’s mass-produced TOPCon cells hit an industry-leading 26.05% average conversion efficiency. (Photo Credit: DAH Solar)
DAH Solar’s mass-produced TOPCon cells hit an industry-leading 26.05% average conversion efficiency. (Photo Credit: DAH Solar)

DAH Solar's TOPCon cell hits record conversion efficiency; LONGi and NWEPDI enter into strategic cooperation agreement; Risen Energy ships 1st HJT Hyper-ion modules from Nanbin base; Zhongmao Lvneng's CdTe thin-film PV module R&D and manufacturing base starts construction.

DAH Solar's TOPCon cell reaches 26.05% mass production conversion efficiency: PV Module developer and manufacturer DAH Solar has announced that the average conversion efficiency of its mass-produced TOPCon cells has reached an industry-leading 26.05%. In June, DAH Solar and S.C New Energy had jointly announced that DAH Solar's TOPCon cell manufacturing base set a record of 23 days with a yield rate of 97% and an efficiency of 25.4% (not listed at the time). By end of July, the company had improved it to 25.8%through continuous optimization. The current level of 26.05% is an improvement over July, achieved with the introduction of laser SE equipment and technology. DAH Solar recently signed a 5 GW TOPCon Solar Cells and PV Modules production project with Anhui Chaohu Econometric and Technological Development Zone (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

LONGi signs strategic cooperation agreement with NWEPDI: Vertically integrated solar manufacturer LONGi has announced that it has entered into an agreement to further deepen its cooperation with Northwest Electric Power Design Institute (NWEPDI). As part of the agreement, LONGi will contribute through R&D and manufacturing, multi-scenario business solutions, etc., while NWEPDI will bring its strengths in planning leadership and engineering construction in the new energy field. The 2 parties came together to jointly launch the Kairouan 100 MW Project in Tunisia, their 1st first overseas project and also the 1st landing project under the strategic agreement. This project, covering an area of 200 hectares, is located in Kairouan City in the east-central region of Tunisia. LONGi recently broke ground on its new integrated facility in the Weibei New City Economic Development Zone (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Risen Energy's Nanbin base ships 1st batch of HJT Hyper-ion modules: Solar PV manufacturer Risen Energy has announced that its Nanbin Base has shipped the 1st batch of high-efficiency, low-carbon heterojunction Hyper-ion modules. The company said that it has taken less than a month for it to make the shipment since the 1st module was rolled off the line. Risen recently released a whitepaper, which tracks its efforts to develop low-silver metallization paste for the Hyper-ion module (see Risen Energy's HJT Hyper-ion Product File).

Zhongmao Lvneng starts construction on CdTe thin-film PV module R&D and manufacturing base: Zhongmao Lvneng announced that its cadmium telluride thin-film photovoltaic module R&D and manufacturing base has started construction in Qinhan New City, Xixian New Area. Being built at a total cost of RMB 1.1 billion ($150.6 million), the R&D and manufacturing base mainly builds 100 MW CdTe thin-film PV cells and modules, and includes manufacturing workshops, scientific research offices, supporting centers, etc. Once completed, the facility is expected to generate RMB 2.8 billion ($383.3 million) in the coming 5 years.

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