• Portugal’s Orique region is set to host a 46 MW solar power station being built without subsidies
  • Being built by prosolia, it will be the first such PV station in Europe
  • The Government of Portugal now wants to take away subsidies for good for large scale PV plants
  • It will identify areas for suitable development of PV capacity in the country where remuneration will be based on market prices

Construction has begun on a 46 MW solar power plant in Portugal’s Orique. What makes it special is that it is a solar power plant that is being constructed without subsidies. Portugal’s Secretary of State for Energy, Jorge Seguro Sanches mentioned this in a tweet, quickly following with another tweet regarding his government’s plan to promote solar power.

 Portugal’s government has introduced a draft for a National Solar Plan under which solar power development will be encouraged based on market prices and without subsidies. The step has been proposed in the State Budget for 2018, as reported by local media. Under the proposed plan, suitable areas will be identified for utility scale PV facilities.

The Orique solar power plant is the first large scale power plant in Europe scheduled to become operational without subsidies paid by consumers. It is being built by Prosolia of Lisbon.