Engie To Build 1.5 GW Hybrid Power Project In Chile

Engie Chile To Install 2 Hybrid Power Projects Bringing Together 1.5 GW Capacity Of Wind, Solar & Battery Energy Storage In Antofagasta

Engie To Build 1.5 GW Hybrid Power Project In Chile

After announcing 2 GW renewables capacity target for 2025 in Chile, Engie has now won 1.5 GW hybrid wind, solar and energy storage capacity in the country. (Photo Credit: Engie)

  • Engie Chile has won 2 large scale hybrid power projects in Chile’s Antofagasta
  • It will build 1.5 GW combined capacity with both the projects having wind, solar and energy storage capacity
  • The company will develop this capacity in the form of 920 MW in Pampa Fidelia and 532 MW in Pampa Yolanda

Chile’s Antofagasta region will host 2 projects with a combined capacity of 1.5 GW after Engie Chile secured contracts to build wind, solar and energy storage facilities in the region. Both the projects with 40-year concessions were won by the company under a competitive tender concluded by the Chilean Ministry of National Assets.

The local subsidiary of French electricity utility Engie will build this capacity in the form of a 920 MW project in Pampa Fidelia and 532 MW capacity in Pampa Yolanda, both combining all 3 technologies.

“The use of the three technologies allows optimizing the generation of electrical energy, achieving a more stable 24/7 supply for customers by being able to complement the generation profiles of the different technologies, storing energy during the day and injecting it at times when more is needed, which in turn allows us to improve in terms of competitiveness and growth in the future,” explained Engie Chile CEO Axel Leveque.

For Engie Chile, winning 1.5 GW capacity is significant since it brings the energy company closer to its goal of achieving its 2 GW installed renewable capacity goal by 2025, announced by the management in April 2021 (see France’s Engie To Exit From Coal In Chile By 2025).

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