• Western Australia wants to develop Oakajee SIA as a renewable hydrogen hub and is seeking inputs for the same
  • The EOI solicits interest from renewable hydrogen producers and consumers to develop infrastructure and framework at Oakajee SIA to ensure its full potential in the field
  • It expects the region to hold 1.25 GW solar PV and 270 MW of wind power capacity potential

The State Government of Western Australia (WA) has issued an expression of interest (EOI) for renewable hydrogen projects to be developed in Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) near Geraldton. The government believes this region is abundant for solar and wind energy generation and has the potential to make the state emerge as a renewable hydrogen developer and exporter.

Geraldton is where BP Australia plans to develop a renewable energy powered hydrogen and ammonia production facility (see BP Wins ARENA Funding For Renewable Hydrogen).

Initial assessments of the government indicate the 4,070-hectare space at Oakajee SIA can generate up to 270 MW of wind power and 1.25 GW of solar PV capacity at internationally competitive prices. Since the cluster is well connected by road to the nearest highway and port, it can be linked to the Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline as well.

The call is open to international and Australian commercial groups including industrial companies interested in producing commercial quantities of hydrogen and even hydrogen consumers as transport, metals refining and ammonia-manufacturing companies as well as hydrogen industry component manufacturers; and power and other infrastructure providers.

“We are seeking your input to establish the infrastructure requirements, operational frameworks and interested parties to activate Oakajee as a premium location to establish a hydrogen project,” reads the EOI.

Last date to submit EOIs to the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation is December 24, 2020. Details are available on the department’s website.

“Renewable hydrogen has the potential to be a major economic driver for the State, and the Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area could truly transform the Mid-West region,” said Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan. “The State Government is keen to work collaboratively with industry through the EOI process, and understand exactly what it will take to transform the area into a globally competitive producer and user of renewable hydrogen.”

Back in August 2020, the state government had said it will invest $22 million for 9 initiatives to develop renewable hydrogen supply under its Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy aiming to realize the same by 2030, instead of previous timeline of 2040.

In October 2019, Hydrogen Renewables Australia declared a collaboration with Siemens to develop a renewable hydrogen production project powered by 5 GW combined solar and wind power in Western Australia (see Another RE Powered Hydrogen Project In Australia).