• EUPD Research pegs Germany’s small scale solar PV capacity installation at over 800 MW in 2020
  • It will be deployed for up to 10 kW category with 108,000 PV systems installed in this category
  • Several PV system owners are now looking at integrating their household appliances with solar PV systems installed at home
  • Trend is on the increase as more people opt for electric vehicles in the country

European market intelligence firm EUPD Research expects Germany to install 801 MW of small sized solar PV systems up to 10 kW capacity for the year 2020, basing its estimates on 427 MW added in H1/2020 in this segment which itself is a record amount.

During H1/2020, Germany added 2.36 GW of new PV capacity, as per data released by Bundesnetzagentur (see Germany Installed 437 MW New Solar In June 2020).

Overall, the firm sees the country adding 108,000 small-sized PV systems under 10 kW in 2020 which would break the previous record of 760 MW the country achieved for this segment in 2011. It attributes this growth to declining PV system prices and rising electricity costs that makes electricity generation for self-consumption an attractive prospect for the denizens here.

The EndCustomer Monitor 10.0 of EUPD Research that studies the responses of PV system owners and those interested in getting one, says during H1/2020 there was an above average YoY growth of 153% in the installation of 7 kW to 10 kW systems with the average capacity of systems installed being 7.48 kW. In 2019, this average system size was 7.35 kW.

Another interesting trend the team figured was that 82% of PV system owners have aligned their systems with several household appliances.

“More than one quarter of the PV buyers in 2020 already own, or are planning to purchase an electric car. The additional electricity consumption of electric vehicles of about 2,500-4,000 kWh increase self-consumption significantly and pays off for the wallet at the same time. The most recent electricity price for residential households of about 31 Euro cent per kWh compares with the electricity generation costs of less than 10 Euro cents for a new solar installation,” the Bonn based market and economic research firm explains. “About one fifth of the PV system owners in 2020 focus on smart home applications and the purchase of heat pumps for electricity-based heatings in order to maximize self-consumption.”

EuPD plans to publish the 10th edition of its EndCustomer Monitor by the end of August 2020.

In a joint study conducted by EUPD Research, BSW and The smarter E Europe in September 2019, the trio said Germany needs to triple its installed PV capacity to 162 GW by 2030 in order to save itself from an electricity shortfall in the future (see New Research Calls For 162 GW PV For Germany By 2030).