French Installers Including Energy Storage In Portfolios

EUPD Research: Increasing Number Of French Solar Installers Now Offering Energy Storage In Product Portfolios; More Expected To Join In

French Installers Including Energy Storage In Portfolios

From 29% of total French solar installers offering energy storage as part of their product portfolios in 2019, EUPD Research says the number grew to 72% in 2020, and in 2021 a further addition of 19% is expected. (Source EUPD Research)

  • EUPD Research in a new research claims more French installers have started offering energy storage in their product portfolios
  • The number of such installers in 2020 increased to 71% of the total, and in 2021 it is likely to further go up
  • Preference for energy storage shows that rising electricity prices and the demand for electric vehicles is creating further business cases for the market intermediaries in the market

The French populace is warming up to battery energy storage systems as more and more installers have started to include these in their product portfolios, according to EUPD Research, which noticed that over the last 12 months the number of such installers has only increased here.

Renewable energy market research and consulting firm EUPD Research in its Global PV InstallerMonitor 2020/2021 found that in 2019 the share of such installers offering both solar PV and storage solutions was a mere 29%, in 2020 it expanded to 72%. In 2021, it sees further expansion to this number by another 19%.

Researchers believe this is a clear sign that rising electricity prices and the demand for electric vehicles is creating further business cases for the market intermediaries.

While installers that refuse to offer energy storage systems blame it on high prices of the latter to refrain from adding these systems, the ones offering storage products see potential in the offering with continuously increasing electricity prices for private households and a growing amount of electric vehicle (EV) registrations which ‘consequently leads to subsequent PV and energy storage installations, in order to charge the car with self-generated electricity’.

Compared to energy storage, residential solar is already popular in France as close to 85% of new PV projects with below 9 kW capacity were installed in this segment in 2020, accounting for close to 11% of total installed capacity. It said, the cumulative installed solar PV capacity of France at the end of 2020 was reported as 10.9 GW.

The Global PV InstallerMonitor 2020/2021 can be purchased on EUPD Research’s website.

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