French RE Producer Planning 1 GW Solar PV

CNR Launches Distributed Solar Subsidiary Solarhona For France’s Rhône Valley

French RE Producer Planning 1 GW Solar PV

CNR plans to deploy an additional 1 GW solar in Rhône Valley of France through distributed solar installations. Pictured is a 3.8 MW ground mounted solar power plant of CNR n Ain in Virginin. (Photo Credit: CNR)

  • CNR has launched a new wholly owned small scale solar focused subsidiary Solarhona
  • It is mandated to bring online 1 GW of solar power capacity in Rhône Valley by 2030
  • The subsidiary will prioritize solar systems for rooftops, carparks, small scale ground mounted and floating solar facilities with local engagement

French renewable energy power producer Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR) has launched a new subsidiary Solarhona to install an additional 1 GW solar PV capacity in Rhône Valley by 2030 focusing on small scale solar, as it targets to accelerate renewable energy deployment.

Solarhona will be concentrated on rooftop solar, carparks, small ground based projects as well as floating solar to bring this capacity online. It should enable it to multiply its installed PV capacity by 7.

CNR said under its business model Solarhona will engage with and involve local authorities, companies and farmers to produce green and local electricity.

Announcing the launch at a press conference, CNR said Solarhona will consider rooftop solar for over 1,000 m2 spaces and ground mounted as well as floating solar projects on 1 hectare space. The subsidiary will be engaged in design, development, financing, construction and operation of the projects.

“We offer a unique industrial model adapted to the expectations of local authorities, companies and farmers wishing to produce local, green electricity that respects life. We also have the ambition to contribute directly to the economic dynamics of the territories, since Solarhona’s activity is able to generate 600 direct and indirect jobs, which cannot be relocated,” said President of Solarhona and Director of New Energies at CNR, Julien Marchal.

CNR itself gets its renewable energy from hydropower along with wind and solar projects with a combined installed capacity of 4 GW as on January 1, 2022.

France has a target to install 100 GW solar by 2050 – and to reach that the government has promised to simplify regulatory processes (see France Announces 100 GW Solar Target).

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