• Germany has awarded 677 MW capacity under its 1st innovation tender with 27 out of 28 hybrid projects selects having solar pairing with other technologies
  • The 28 solar-based hybrid power plants selected represent 394 MW capacity, stated the agency
  • Fixed market premiums for solar-only systems ranged between €0.096 and €0.03 per kWh and volume-weighted average of €0.0265 per kWh
  • Hybrid projects under innovation tender had fixed market premium within €0.0194 per kWh and €0.0552 per kWh, with €0.0450 per kWh as volume-weighted average

The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) has selected 73 bids representing 677 MW renewable energy capacity under the country’s 1st innovation tender for this segment. The tender was clearly oversubscribed with 133 bids coming in for a cumulative 1,095 MW against 650 MW originally offered (see 650 MW Innovation Tender For Renewables In Germany).

Innovation tenders by the regulator are aimed at encouraging RE power generation sources and hybrid generation packages including storage that will bring in the stability factor to the grid when dealing with variable energy sources.

Solar PV has once again proved its mettle with 28 hybrid plants accounting for 394 MW of the total 677 MW awarded. Of these 28 hybrid projects, 27 comprised solar systems with storage, only one was without solar. The other 45 bids totaling 283 MW in the single technology section were awarded to solar PV only projects.

“The successful bidders receive a fixed market premium as a subsidy, i.e. a fixed amount of money for each kWh fed in addition to the market price,” the agency stated.

For solar only systems, fixed market premiums ranging between €0.0096 and €0.03 ($0.011 and $0.035) were awarded, while the volume-weighted average in this segment was €0.0265 ($0.031) per kWh.

For hybrid projects, the fixed market premium ranged between €0.0194 and €0.0552 ($0.023 to $0.065) per kWh, with the volume-weighted average in this segment being €0.0450 ($0.053) per kWh.

Bundesnetzagentur will hold the next round of innovation tender in 2021; the date will be announced at a later stage.