Germany Imported €3.6 Billion Solar PV Systems In 2022

China Was Germany’s Largest Supplier Of Solar Cells & Modules In 2022 With 87% Market Share, Followed By 4% From Netherlands, Says Destatis

Germany Imported €3.6 Billion Solar PV Systems In 2022

Germany remains dependent on Chinese solar PV supply as the Asian giant imported €3.1 billion PV systems into the country last year out of €3.6 billion total PV the European nation imported in 2022, according to Destatis. (Source: Statistisches Bundesamt (Destatis))

  • Germany bought €3.6 billion worth of imported solar PV systems in 2022 from across the globe
  • With an 87% share, China was its largest supplier shipping €3.1 billion worth PV products into the European country
  • The Netherlands was next big imported for Germany shipping €143 million worth capacity with 4% share

The German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) counts the country to have imported €3.6 billion worth of solar PV cells, modules and the like in 2022, while it exported PV products for a total of €1.4 billion. China accounted for the bulk of German imports, €3.1 billion.

China represented 87% market share of imported solar power products into Germany last year followed by the Netherlands with 4% share as it shipped €143 million worth capacity. Taiwan was next on the list importing 3% capacity representing €94 million. Remaining 2% came from Vietnam and rest 3% from other regions.

At the end of November 2022, Germany’s cumulative installed solar PV capacity as per Destatis reached 63.74 GW in the form of a little less than 2.5 million systems installed.

While Destatis does not reveal exact capacities, according to InfoLink Consulting, China exported 154.8 GW of solar modules globally in 2022 with Europe taking the biggest chunk of 86.6 GW led by Germany, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands (see China Exported 154.8 GW Solar Modules In 2022).

Destatis says solar PV power generation accounted for close to 12% of the total electricity fed into the grid from January 2022 to November 2022. Germany produced approximately 577 billion kWh of electricity in 2022, comprising 44% generated by renewable energy sources with wind power’s share at 22.0%, solar’s share at 10.0%, and biomass 8.0%.

Germany targets to increase its cumulative installed solar PV capacity to 215 GW by 2030. To meet this target and to also ensure a domestic manufacturing industry for solar PV that’s touted to become the world’s largest power generation source, the government is trying to create a regulatory environment along with opening up financing avenues (see Germany’s Priority Measures To Speed Up Energy Transition).

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