• Germany added 356.7 MW of new solar power capacity in February 2020
  • Between January 2020 and February 2020, more than 700 MW of new solar has been installed in the country
  • Cumulative installed solar power capacity of Germany till the end of February 2020 was 49.9 GW

Germany continued its good run with new solar installations in February 2020, adding more than 300 MW, for two consecutive months of the year. February 2020 installations added up to 356.7 MW, as per the Federal Network Agency’s (Bundesnetzagentur) latest numbers.

For January 2020, the adjusted number provided by the agency is 373.779 MW, slightly changed from 374.69 MW it provided earlier (see Germany Installed 375 MW New PV In January 2020).

The number for February 2020 is a little lower than 394.8 MW installed a year back. But together in the first 2 months of the year, over 730 MW has already been installed by the country which is a good start. However, last year the addition of the first 2 months of the year was well over 900 MW, but that was due to a subsidy deadline that need to be met, which this time was directly not the case (see Germany Installed Nearly 1 GW in Jan/Feb. 2019). Or maybe it was…

Till the end of February 2020, Germany’s cumulative installed solar power capacity reached 49.9 GW, a little over 2 GW left before the country can reach the finishing line of subsidies in the country, at 52 GW. The increasing installation numbers might be first signs of a rush to beat that cap. While the German government agreed months ago that it wants to increase the cap to 98 GW of total solar power capacity by 2030, internal fight between the coalition partners have been preventing this agreement to go into effect  so far.