• Germany’s 2nd joint solar PV and wind power auction secured all bids for solar PV technology and none for wind power
  • It awarded 43 bids for 201.911 MW with 91.119 MW located in Bavaria region
  • The winning bids ranged between €0.0518 to €0.0545 per kWh for this round, compared to last round’s €0.0497 to €0.0561 per kWh

Solar PV has won the entire capacity auctioned during Germany’s 2nd joint solar PV and wind power auction for the year 2020 as none of the bids submitted came for wind turbines.

The Federal Network Agency or Bundesnetzagentur attracted 91 bids representing 518.09 MW for the tender that originally offered 200 MW. It finally awarded 43 bids with an output of 201.911 MW, and 20 bids of these with 91.119 MW were selected from Bavaria.

Winning bids ranged between €0.0518 to €0.0545 ($0.062 to $0.065) per kWh and the weighted average winning bid was at €0.0533 ($0.064) per kWh, the same level as last round conducted in April 2020 (see Solar Wins 1st German Joint RE Auction Of 2020). This average winning bid is slightly higher than the last technology specific solar auction in October 2020 when it reached €0.0523 (see 103 MW Awarded In 6th Tech Specific German PV Tender).

A list of winning projects can be found on the agency’s website.

Bundesnetzagentur will hold the next round of technology specific auctions for solar PV and onshore wind on December 1, 2020.