• According to media reports, Germany will issue additional tenders for ground mount solar PV and wind power capacity within next two years
  • Capacity allocation will be 4 GW each, and some will also be for offshore wind
  • The proposal is expected by the coalition government to be presented before the cabinet for approval by the end of October 2018

Germany will hold tenders for 4 GW of ground mounted solar PV capacity in 2019 and 2020, along with separate 4 GW tender for onshore wind. The country’s coalition government has passed a resolution to this effect, according to media reports. There will also be tenders for offshore wind capacity.

According to S&P Global Platts, this is in addition to the already planned 6 GW of tenders in 2019 and 2020. Approval for this decision needs to be come from the cabinet before the end of October 2018. The 4 GW capacity to be tendered each for wind and solar is part of the government coalition agreement,. While there were delays and questions if the government would really implement these tenders, several relevant sources insisted the tenders will come.

While Germany is expected to miss its 2020 CO2 reduction targets, the country now aims for a 65% renewable energy share in the total energy mix by 2030.

According to the media reports, the government will also pay more attention to better synchronization between the grid and expansion of renewables to absorb all this clean power.

In September 2018, Germany’s Federal Network Agency announced a second joint wind and solar power tender with 200 MW capacity (see Germany Launches Second Joint PV Wind Tender). The first edition of these tenders, also with 200 MW on offer, was won entirely by solar (see All for Solar, None For Wind In German Tender).

In August 2018, Germany installed the highest monthly solar capacity this year; the country’s cumulative installed PV capacity reached 44.95 GW, and should have crossed 45 GW now (see Germany Installed Over 354 MW PV In Aug 2018).