• The Greek Energy Regulatory Authority RAE has received a muted response to its solar part of the joint solar and wind power tender
  • Only 148.64 MW bids were registered in the form of 44 projects for 287.11 MW solar PV capacity offered originally
  • Wind power technology had better luck as the original capacity of 225.45 MW was oversubscribed with bids offered for 491 MW; auction will be held on December 12, 2019
  • The final auction will be held in December

Greece has received a total of 148.64 MW of capacity in the form of 44 solar projects in response to the solar and wind power tender the country’s Energy Regulatory Authority RAE launched in September 2019.  The tender originally offered 287.11 MW of solar power capacity and 225.45 MW of wind power capacity (see Greece Launches 512.5 MW Solar PV Wind Tender).

This means it has received only a little more than half the capacity of solar projects up to 20 MW capacity in category I  than offered. On the other hand, there has been an enthusiastic response to the wind power tender under which up to 50 MW capacity can be developed. With bids for 491 MW through 16 projects the winder tender was heavily oversubscribed.

Solar tariffs have been capped at €0.06602 ($0.073) per kWh and for wind projects it is €0.06825 ($0.075) per kWh. The final auction will be held on December 12, 2019.

In the previous and the first joint auction of both solar and wind power technologies in April 2019, solar secured all of 437.78 MW of the capacity awarded with weighted average winning tariff of €0.057 per kWh (see Greece Awards Over 437 MW In 600 MW RE Auction).