• Greece has announced another tender for solar and wind power technologies aiming to deploy 512.56 MW of total capacity
  • Tender capacity is divided between 287.11 MW for solar PV projects and 225.45 MW for wind power
  • For solar, maximum tariff to be quoted can be €0.06602 per kWh and for wind ceiling tariff is €0.06825 per kWh
  • Bids will be accepted till November 4, 2019 and auction will be held on December 12, 2019

Greek energy regulatory authority RAE has announced another round of auctions for solar and wind power capacity adding up to a total of 512.56 MW. For solar PV, it expects up to 287.11 MW to be established in the form of projects with 20 MW or less in category I. The exact capacity to be auctioned will be finalized post the completion of stage 1 of the tender process.

For wind power, projects will need to be set up with 50 MW or less capacity to reach a total of 225.45 MW in category II.

The tariff price to be offered for solar PV projects has been capped at €0.06602 ($0.073) per kWh, while for wind power projects tariffs cannot exceed €0.06825 ($0.075) per kWh.

RAE will open bidding for solar power projects on October 7, 2019 and will accept applications till November 4, 2019. Auctions for both the technologies will be held on December 12, 2019. Details about the tender can be viewed on RAE’s website.

In the last solar PV auction held in July 2019, RAE awarded 142.88 MW capacity with a weighted average price of €0.06277 ($0.069) per kWh.