• Greece will be holding its next round of solar PV and wind energy auctions on July 27, 2020
  • Under category I, energy regulator RAE says solar PV projects with a total capacity of 482.03 MW will be awarded for tariffs not exceeding €63 per MWh
  • Under category II, 481.45 MW of wind energy is to be won for tariffs capped at €62.99 per MWh

The Greek Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) says the country will hold a new renewable energy auction for solar PV and wind power technologies on July 27, 2020. Maximum power to be allocated for solar PV in category I is 482.03 MW with projects having 20 MW or more capacity.

For solar power projects, the RAE has capped tariffs at €63 ($68.67) per MWh.

Wind power projects under category II will have a maximum of 481.45 MW to win in this auction with eligible project sizes being 50 MW or above. Bids cannot exceed €62.99 ($68.66) per MWh this category.

Last date to submit applications for these tenders is June 29, 2020. Details of the tender can be viewed on RAE’s website.

In April 2020, RAE awarded more than 502 MW of solar PV and wind power capacity ‘amid the extraordinary measures of coronavirus’ under a 600 MW auction with solar winning 350 MW and wind 153 MW. Back then, the lowest winning tariff was determined as €0.04911 ($0.053) per kWh, the weighted average winning price was €0.05159 ($0.056) per kWh (see Greece Allocates Over 502 MW In Joint RE Auction).

Having introduced renewable energy auctions in the country since 2016, RAE says Greece is in the process of implementing a total of 2.1 GW projects awarded through this route.