Iberia’s First-Of-Its-Kind Hybrid Wind-Solar Project Online

EDPR’s 1st International Hybrid Wind & Solar Power Plant Grid Connected In Iberian Peninsula With Bifacial Solar Panels

Iberia’s First-Of-Its-Kind Hybrid Wind-Solar Project Online

EDPR has grid connected 8.4 MW Mina de Orgueirel Solar Plant near 11 MW Mosteiro Wind Park (in the picture) in Portugal’s Sabugal municipality. (Photo Credit: EDP Energias de Portugal)

  • EDPR has commissioned 8.4 MW solar power plant, next to its 11 MW operational wind farm in Portugal
  • The hybrid project is now capable of producing up to 39.5 GWh annually with over 17,000 bifacial panels and 8 wind turbines
  • Management said it currently has over 1.6 GW of hybrid projects that it plans to take forward in Spain and Portugal

EDP Renewables (EDPR) has grid connected its 1st international hybrid solar and wind power plant, which it says is also the 1st park of its kind on the Iberian Peninsula to combine these 2 technologies comprising an 8.4 MW solar plant next to an 11 MW operational wind park.

The company has been operating its 11 MW Mosteiro Wind Park in Portugal’s Sabugal municipality since 2004 with 8 turbines installed. Now it has added 8.4 MW Mina de Orgueirel Solar Plant with more than 17,000 bifacial solar panels next to the wind farm. Together, these 2 technologies are expected to generate up to 39.5 GWh annually.

Since a hybrid energy park offers the benefits of co-opting the existing electrical infrastructure, reduced environmental impact and lowered costs, EDPR plans to further invest in hybridization of parks in its portfolio that it currently counts as adding up to over 1.6 GW in Spain and Portugal. These are currently either in the study or development phase.

“Whilst in varying phases of maturity these are expected to be commissioned over the course of the next several years,” stated the management. “EDPR intends to carry on focusing on similar projects in all regions of the world where it maintains a presence, with hybrid park development already under way in North and South America in addition to other European countries including Poland, Italy and Greece.”

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